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Looky a nice new looking news page :o ) well, almost new. Anyway this is a quick one, you might remember a year ago when Kernel Krok played The Limelight in Belfast, just before The Crocketts split up. Well, after finding pictures of the gig ages ago, I’ve now found a review and surprise surprise, they didn’t like them. This time it’s the BBC having ago at the “two brothers from The Crocketts”. Ok then…. the whole review is here, read the crox bit by clicking more.

Turn, Desert Hearts, Kernal Krok, Kidd Dynamo, The Limelight, Belfast, April 7, 2002

Kernal Krok feature the two brothers from The Crocketts. They try their hand and some left-handed country moaning and occasionally there?s a dash of folksy spite that suits them better. Its too early and too clumsy to call, and they?re hardly in poll position. Not in this race, anyhow.

Stuart Bailie

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  1. Denyer says:

    Brothers? Be there something I’m missing?

    Nice new colours! =)

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