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Mailing ListWhere’s my rucksack and compilation tape? Dashboard, festivals and acoustic shows ahoy!
Yes kids, there’s more gigs a coming and… What’s that I hear… A single? Click [More] and become enlightened.

Subject : Where’s my rucksack and compilation tape? Dashboard, festivals and acoustic shows ahoy!
Date : Sat, 2 Aug 2003 17:56

hay hay, bundles of it.

It’s been a happenin’ few weeks Crimea-wise. We’ve swapped facial foliage
tips with the Kings Of Leon (top KoL advice: sleep face down in grow bags),
drank loads for Andy Dextrous and Davey’s birthday, got mugged and taken
holidays to recover. There’s more coming up tho’. Here’s what:

We’re going in to record our new single next week. We’ve got 5 days in
Lincolnshire to come up with a chart shagging monster. We’ll be helped out
by a boy called Tristin Norwell who knows what the flashing lights do.
There’ll be loads of reverb on eveything. Watch out Tico Torres, that’s all
we’re saying.

We’re not sure what the next single is going to be yet. It could be Fred
Flintstone, might be the Miserablist Tango or there’s a chance a new song
called Bad Vibrations might make the cut. We’ll see.

We’ve also been confirmed as the main support to ‘sensitive soul’ Chris
Carrabba aka Dashboard Confessional at the Astoria, London, on Friday August
15. Eastpak’s are essential accessories and make sure you pack some
Kleenex – there’s no telling when you’ll break down and have a ‘moment’.
Feel free to throw us some compilation tapes from the ‘mosh’ ‘pit’. Just
don’t aim them at us in a nasty way. That, dude, would be, like, soooo
uncool. M’kay? M’kay.

We’re also playing the Beautiful Days festival in Devon on Saturday the
16th. We’ll be swaying the main stage at 2.30pm. Also on the bill are 70′s
blues rockers the Groundhogs, 90′s funk/jazz/rock/soul legends Fishbone and
spaced-out time traveller Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. ‘Eclectic’ – now there’s a
word that springs to mind. ‘Baffling’, too. Check the websites for further
info (details below).

Davey will be rocking the Kernal Krok moniker at Cardiff’s Toucan Club on
Thursday the 28th of August. It’s a solo acoustic show, which no doubt means
he’ll be off his mash playing loads of great songs and frightening casual
punters wanting a quiet drink. We’ve no further details as yet, but if you
keep checking or something will show up
sooner or later. It’ll be a great night.

That’ll do for now. Plenty danke.

Y Crimea.

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  1. Denyer says:

    Fred Flintstone! Fred Flintstone! :D

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