Other’s Pics and Vid

Really, you should just see this as a small taster of what I have instore, but as I’m off to Aberystwyth (where it all began) tomorrow, I’m a bit busy like. So unless a miracle and a 5GB upload happens in the next couple hours, you’ll have to make do with this lot for now. And apologies for the lax credits, there’s a heck of a lot of random-o-person individual shots everywhere rightnow.

Here’s Davey, by Ste Whiley.
Another from the side, by Alan Stafford.
An angle you’ll come to see much more of shortly, from the top, by Andrew Dyke.
A few tagged in Davey’s own album, including the finale of Lottery Winners On Acid (anything with bubbles in).
A load more by Claire Stannard.
Taken from Owen’s FB page – the final bow, originally by Alex Wayne (@squeegy).
And if you don’t know who this guy is, gtfo (tip: he deffinately did went. and deffinately did sign my/his CD :D ).

Like I say, just see this as a taster, just a taster… thanks tansytudor, at least you’re quicker than me ;)

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