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UPDATE: It’s here!!!

One post, all the links :)

Yes I know, get the video up already… it’s coming :) To start with, here’s all the soundcheck vids I have. Cameo by Martin (red top) fidling with wires, and Reay checking the levels in his old and still-in-one-piece (unlike mine) t-shirt with added CREW logo :D . Now that’s some priceles memorabilia right there.

The above includes all my own videos (to be updated as I upload more), in this playlist:

That is, the following (only edited within YouTube to increase brightness levels, otherwise raw):

1. Davey one-two-ing.
2. Lottery Winners On Acid soundcheck.
3. Something musical.
4. Jellyfish soundcheck.
5. A big box of merch.

1. The Stage
2. Gig Part 1
3. Gig Part 2
Or watch a mix here of parts 1 and 2 plus missing audio between Who Knows (sorry, iPod cocked up – had a backup but only in audio). Video appears very very slightly more compressed in the mix, which is why the originals are linked above.

Setlist + Other’s Videos
1. Loop a Loop
2. Jellyfish (feat. Tara Blaise) debhdebh – Full, SD
3. Last Plane Out Of Saigon (feat. Tara Blaise)
4. Opposite Ends (feat. Julz Parker) debhdebh – Full, SD
5. Mid-air Collisions (feat. Tara Blaise)
6. Baby Boom (feat. Julz Parker) debhdebh – Full, SD
7. Bad Vibrations (feat. Julz Parker)
8. Witches Broom (feat. Tara Blaise)
9. Shredder (feat. Tara Blaise)
10. Requiem Aeternam (feat. Tara Blaise)
11. How To Make You Laugh (feat. Tara Blaise) debhdebh – Full, SD
12. Who Knows
13. Someone’s Crying (feat. Tara Blaise)
14. Only Living Boy And Girl
15. Everywhere (feat. Tara Blaise) Fleetwood Mac cover. debhdebh – Full, SD
16. Lottery Winners On Acid (feat. Tara Blaise & Julz Parker) Tom Raffe – Clip, HD | tansytudor – Full, SD | debhdebh – Full, SD

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  1. Paul says:

    hehe, I think you mean the ‘nous’, not the ‘nonce’. I use lol very rarely but it seems appropriate here. LOL.

  2. Paul says:

    p.s great videos – of a great show.

  3. Christopher says:

    Well if we’re gonna start correcting my spelling mistakes, we’ll be here a while :)

    Also, how the heck did you get an avatar image? I never set avatar images? This isn’t possible… unless my site’s started coding itself… About time, tbh.

  4. Palamino says:

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