2nd July

2nd July
Today’s the day.

And what a day for it. Guess what just got in the post…
Stuff Your fuckin Cherry Pie and Frog On A Stick :o D bur more on them later. Right now I’m having just about the luckiest week I’ve ever had. Which means 1 of 2 things. Either it runs out about 4 this afternoon, and anything that can go wrong at the gig does, or everything goes pretty good. Yeah, I’m coming, I have train tickets, money, good luck, and Stuff Your Cherry Pie to listen to on the way there. Which is a rather nice album. It’s kinda like spot the Crock lyric. So far I’ve got stuff from Lucifer, Tennessee and Opposite Ends. And boy does the cover to Frog On A Stick ever look good. Almost as good as the original. Infact the only thing wrong with it is it’s not the original. Stuff Your Cherry Pie cover looks strange. Weird blueness. As for the CD, for a copy of a tape that’s been around for 7 years, someones done a hell of a job. Sounds like it was recorded yesterday. Only 11 hours and 13 minutes left. Did I just hear Rasta Vege lyrics?

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