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Online music mag Noise Culture has a review of The Crimea’s support gig with the Kings Of Leon at London’s Electric Ballroom on 10/07/03 up on their website. Click here to see the whole article or on [More] to just read the Crimea bit.
Radio Wales presenter Adam Walton has written an article for on the new series of Fame Academy, and why The Crimea are better than the cool Alex one will ever be. Click here for the full article or [More] for the Crimea related stuff.

Electric Ballroom, London – July 2003

Ever wondered what it would be like to win the lottery? How about what it’s like to be off your face on acid… This is how The Crimea describe the feeling to be supporting The Kings of Leon tonight at the Camden Town’s Electric Ballroom. A quintet put together by Davey MacManon, former front man of The Crockets, on the surface they appeared to be a glorified, if not slightly eccentric Waterboys cover band. However, as Muse were once to Radiohead, I’m sure they’ll soon develop their sound and become a fine outfit.


Taken from Noise Culture’s review of the Kings Of Leon & The Crimea gig.

Hall of Shame opens again
Aug 1 2003
Ear Buzz With Adam Walton, Daily Post

These programmes cheapen music. They cheapen the effort that some people, truly talented people who aren’t simply drawn by the flickering glow of televisual fame, go to.

So, where does that leave truly, truly brilliant, wired and inspirational bands like The Crimea?

They played an outside broadcast I did from Cardiff last Sunday night.

Davey, the singer, is thrillingly unphotogenic – an orthodontist’s wet dream – with a battered, tremulous voice that couldn’t be further from the mid-Atlantic, clich?d mannerisms of every wannabee that will be trooped in front of our screens for the next few months.

The Crimea’s songs are distilled from life, not ambition – fired by a need to express and make sense of the world, not simply to become famous in it.

May the god of your choice praise them; I know my god is pogoing his ass off.

So, instead of watching Lame Academy tonight, check out some of the downloads at The Crimea’s website – and, if you’re still in need of some glamour and escapism after that, hunt down a biography or documentary on the life of Jayne Mansfield, and find out what happens to people who lust after fame for fame’s sake.

Taken from an article on the ic NorthWales website here.

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  1. Lucifer says:

    an orthodontist’s wet dream – that would have to be the funniest thing ever said about Davey, i love it!!!

    Lucifer x

  2. Denyer says:

    Dunno if you’re interested, Chris, but I banged out release reviews for a few bands you’ve shown an interest in it… the pages are fairly graphic-intensive (by my standards, anyway)…

  3. Christopher says:

    yey more reviews :o ) btw white russian galaxy is ? 2003 double dragon and their online shop is at

    do you know if andy’s has any of the hot puppies stuff still in, i’ll be there in a month so i can finally get hold of some :)

    just read, fred flintstone, surprise surprise :o S i believe the ghost of dan harris may be visiting us once more. oo more itc stuff. someone’s tryng to get signed again hahahaha. how many times do they have to play that thing before someone takes notice of them :o (

  4. Denyer says:

    Oops. That’ll teach me to read the back of CDs. Yeah, I know there are other places which sell, but I’m trying to stick to place I’ve bought from myself–DD work out expensive when you take postage into account.

    Andy probably has some Puppies stuff, but I’d suggest going 20m down the road to Shelley’s first–he had all three discs in last time I was up. "All Washed Up" is the best value to start with… I was initially just going to get the most recent single, but I’m glad I went for the others as well as they’re a bit thinner on the ground.

    Fred Flintstone, yay! And a possible Feb04 for a full-length. Can’t wait! :)

    BTW, if you like the Wildhearts at all, the new album ain’t half bad! Cheap at, too.

  5. Christopher says:

    i just mentioned cos the crimea’s manager guy keeps going on about the double dragon recordstore store getting me to add links everywhere.

    is shellys the new music shop? 20m towards the uni or town?

    i think owen meant feb 04 for fred flintstone, i wouldn’t be surprised. it’ll be at least november before it’s out.

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