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Mailing ListMore Crimea News. How joyful.
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Subject : More Crimea News. How joyful.
Date : Tue, 26 Aug 2003 23:18

Great days these.

We managed a defining take of Fred Flintstone in Lincolnshire. We got
pre-historic on that momma momma and gave it a good stoning. It’ll be out
mid-October if we/our ‘people’ can get it together. The smart money’s on a
February 2004 release.

We’ve also been nominated in the ‘Best New Talent’ category at the Pop
Factory’s annual awards shindig. The Pop Factory, for those of you outside
Wales, is Cymru’s answer to Top Of The Pops, The Chart Show and The Word.
There’ll be details of how to swindle the vote count and grab us a gong
on-line soon –

Anyhow, here are a couple of things that’ll definitely be happening. Gigs,
in other words.

This Thursday (28 August) @ The Toucan Cardiff, Davey will be playing an
acoustic set. It’s bound to be eventful, not least because Owen will be
walking around with a tv camera and microphone pretending he’s Eamon
Andrews. S4C2′s audience of three have been warned.

September 3 @ Cargo, London. It’s a little headline show as a – *cough* -
“warm up” for our appearance at the industry love-fest they call ‘In The
City’. The ITC gig happens a week and a half later. I’ve no idea who’s
billed this Cargo show as a ‘warm up’, but we won’t be drinking their tea.
D’ya get me?

September 12. We’re in Chester. We don’t know where, but it’s some club
that’s got something to do with Radio Wales’s Adam Walton. More details
soon, or check the ever-reliable

September 13 We’ll be staying at Andy’s folks house in – wait for it -
Cockermouth. I jest not. There’s nothing arranged at the moment, but we
might try and play Keswick, which is somewhere in the Lake District. It’ll
either be that or laughing most heartily at the name of Andy’s home village.

September 14 The Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester. We’ll be boiling hot and ready
to rock ITC by now. We’ll be shaking and faking for all we’re worth.

That be it for now dear friends, see you somewere soon. Hopefully.

The Crime

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