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Radio 1 Session In WalesThe Crimea were in session for Radio 1′s Session In Wales last Thursday. First off, if you have a recording of the show or know enough about computers to record the streaming audio from the Session In Wales website before next Thursday, click on [More] to help me out. After an interview over the phone with Davey containing the usual Crocketts mentions and band history, upcoming single Fred Flintstone, oldie Bombay Sapphire Coma and the excellent new song Bad Vibrations (all of which were recorded especially for show) were played during the two hour radio extravaganza that is the Session In Wales. Click on [More] to see more details including a tracklisting for the show, Session In Wales’ details on the band and those details on how to help me get MP3s of the show up on the site for download. For all of you who missed it, you can listen to here up to next Thursday or stream each song and the interview over the internet from this page.

Help Me

Allright, as I seem to be missing everything at the moment (damn tv guides) I didn’t manage to record the show, which means no MP3s like the other radio sessions unless I figure something out myself. If you have a recording of the show on tape, recorded it on your computer or know how to record it off Session in Wales’ streaming audio, please get in touch with me at Recordings of the whole show would be great, but anything else’ll do. Just remember that if you want to record the whole show from Radio 1′s streaming audio recording of the show, you can only do it up until next Thursday.

*Update* The genius that is Stuart Denyer has just this second sent me recordings of the files on this page and they sound great. Huge thanks to him and they’ll be up on the site to download in the not too distant future.

In Session: The Crimea
Last updated Friday 05 September 2003

The CrimeaBorn from the ashes of Aberystwyth hellraisers The Crocketts, The Crimea are the latest bid for world domination by wild-eyed folk-punk mentalist Davey MacManus, sticksman Owen Hopkin, and assorted new friends.

Their debut single, whimsical pop number Lottery Winners On Acid, made waves last year with an audience that had remained untouched by The Crocketts’ aggressive approach. The likes of more recent singles like White Russian Galaxy demonstrate that this time round, The Crimea have the actual songs to back up their startling physical presence.

They’re still hunting an actual deal, but on the evidence of tonight’s session, it surely can’t be long.

Huw managed to track down lead singer Davey MacManus and have a chat with him about how to stalk Fran from Travis in Supermarkets (amongst other things). Click below to listen.

The Interview

Before playing any songs, Session In Wales presenter Huw Williams phoned up Davey at his house in London to chat about the band. Huw had been down to Cardiff to watch Davey’s acoustic at the Toucan Club a week ago, which turns out to be the first acoustic Davey’s played since the band’s excellent performance in Rummers, Aberystwyth. The band may still be without a label, but it helps with the writing of The Crimea’s trademark downbeat songs, and also helps them get tours with top bands such as the Kings Of Leon and Travis, after he followed Fran around Sainsburys for ten minutes before handing over a demo CD.
After going through the band’s multicultural members, Davey commented on what he may now be called after being called Davey Crockett for six years, saying he prefers the name Kernel Krok.
The Interview ended Davey gave some details on the recording of the session. All songs were recorded at Mono Valley Studios in Wales after the band took a dip in the nearby river, and were produced by Richard Jackson.

Tracklistings: 4/9/2003

The Strokes – ’12.51′ (Rough Trade)
Outkast – ‘Ghetto Musick’ (Arista)
Electric 6 – ‘Dance Commander’ (XL)
Mark Ronson feat. Nate Dogg – ‘Ooh Wee’ (white label)
Killing Joke – ‘Seeing Red’ (Zuma)
Cooper Temple Clause – ‘Promises, Promises’ (Morning)
Infrared vs Gil Felix – ‘Capoeira’ (Infrared)
Funeral For A Friend – ‘She Drove Me To Daytime TV’ (Infectious)
Sleepy Jackson – ‘Good Dancer’ (Virgin)
TY – ‘Do You Want More’ (Big Dada)
The Crimea – ‘Bombay Sapphire Coma’ (Session)   *Skip to 0:35 to hear interview or 0:40 for song.
Franz Ferdinand – ‘Darts Of Pleasure’ (Domino)
Dirt McGirt – ‘Pop Shit’ (Star Trak/Arista)
Sammo Hung – ‘A Good Parking Place’ (No Danger)
Peshay – ‘Jammin” (Cubik Music)
Webb Brothers – ‘Ms Moriaty’ (679)
Webb Brothers – ‘Ms Moriaty’ (679)
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – ‘Mow The Lawn’ (Sanctuary)
The Crimea – ‘Baby Boom’ (Session)   *Skip to 1:06 for song.
Peaches feat Iggy Pop – ‘Kick It’ (XL)
Kinesis – ‘One Way Mirror’ (Independiente)
Black Keys – ‘Have Love Will Travel’ (Fat Possum Records)
Melys – ‘Mwg’ (Crai)
Atmosphere – ‘Reflections’ (Epitaph)
The Crimea – ‘Bad Vibrations’ (Session)   *Skip to 1:30 for song.
Spiritualized – ‘Lord Let It Rain On Me’ (Sanctuary)
The Keys – ‘Love Your Sons and Daughters’ (Too Pure)
Amen Andrews – ‘London’ (Rephlex)
The Afternoons – ‘Gonna Stay Together’ (Dockrad)
Jetplane Landing – ‘Calculate The Risk’ (Small Town America)
Y Lladron – ‘Grange Hill vs Y Mwyafrif’ (White)
Kid Koala – ‘More Dance Music’ (Ninja Tune)

*Times reffer to the online recording of the whole show, available here up until 11/09/03.

From Session In Wales’ tracklisting for 4/9/03 here.

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  1. Denyer says:

    I’ve just mailed you a "how-to" on copying RA streams…

    ^^^ Guess what else I’m going to get whilst I’m at it! =)

  2. Denyer says:

    As an extra tip (besides making sure that you’re fetching the DSL files and not the 56.6 modem ones), live recordings sounds lots better if you use the (free, see below for URL) Wide & Dynamix plug-in when listening!;$sessionid$P3TNDGXKF4SONTN241HRCZI?componentId=3973

  3. Christopher says:

    "^^^ Guess what else I’m going to get whilst I’m at it! =)"

    .. er.. sex?… i dunno.. what were you reffering to doing in the first place anyway? if it was record the whole show, change it to mp3 put it on a cd and send it to aber for me then wey hey :o D :o D if not then…
    i already have streambox vcr and ripper and i used them for the bluedog crox recording and it tured out shite, and didnt work for other streaming files. don’t have cdex, can i use nero wav editor thingy for changing stuff to mp3s? bad vibrations should have been the next single. at least utopia’ll be out in about six months :o )

  4. Denyer says:

    No can do the whole thing on dial-up, I’m afraid… I can rip and MP3 just the Crimea stuff if you can tell me an e-mail address which has enough space for the files… for myself, I’m usually downloading only ‘new’ tracks there aren’t studio recordings for.

    Although I got the Hot Puppies and Keys stuff ’cause they were proper live sets, which sound very nice with a little Wide & Dynamix… particularly "The Smell Of You", which had better be on the album…

    Why did you use Streambox for the BlueDog thing? It’s a straight MP3 download. Besides, there’s a few different versions of SBVCR (Suite 2.0 appears to have all of them), and you need to change the default bandwidth settings, otherwise you get 56.6kbps suitable low-quality by default.

    I’m not sure that Nero comes as standard with an MP3 encoder. If you want good results, I strongly recommend Lame (which comes with CDex, both are free.) >>

    Like I say, I can e-mail you the Crimea stuff as MP3s. Or, if really necessary, I can upload them to some freebie webspace. I should have the Crimea tracks by the time I finish typing this.

    Alternately, you could give me a guest FTP slot and I’ll upload them directly to the site for you.

  5. Christopher says:

    have you got the hot puppies thing they did for the pop factory that was on adam walton’s show? i’ve got it on vcr, should put it on the computer sometime.
    ahhh, not the wysc mp3, i meant the secret gig stream ;o)
    i’ll email you an address to send the mp3s. you probably just saved me about 3 weeks of figuring out how to be clever.

  6. Denyer says:

    Cheers for that, I’ll set it downloading after I mail you these MP3s… at the rate they’re moving, expect the last one in a couple of hours…

  7. Denyer says:

    Oh yeah, and anything you can do on the Hot Puppies score would be cool. =)

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