Yeah.. so, um.. loads of stuff is happening. You should really sign up to the mailing list so you don’t have to wait for me to tell you everything.
You’ve got until Friday to vote for The Crimea as Best New Talent in the Pop Factory Music Awards 2003. So get over there and vote. I think it’ll be aired on S4C in Wales on Friday evening sometime, so take a look if you’ve nothing better to be doing.
Gigs, gigs, loads of fucking gigs… They just played with Travis at the Brixton Academy, it sold out ages ago so it was kind of a hostile crowd. Some of the Travis fans liked them, some didn’t, most all of them fancied Julz. Or were strangely attracted by her pink amps. If you so wish you can visit the Travis website at, get on to their message board, type ‘crimea’ in the search bit and abuse all the little sods who didn’t like them… or give them ice cream… or something…
The third Crimea tour, now dubbed the ‘Van On Fire’ tour after the shambolic transport during their last major outing, has had some dates removed, some dates added and some dates thoroughly chomped on, spat out and stomped on by that tall mean looking one. The Manchester Night & Day Cafe and Glasgow King Tuts gigs have been canceled but never fear oh Scottish ones, the band will still turn up in those locations, and a few others. I just can’t tell you when right now. The Cardiff Barfly gig is now on November 13th, and not the 11th as it said on the mailing list thingy. Please check the gigs page regularly, as soon as I hear something new about a gig it’s usually up their within the hour.
I’m sure there’s more stuff to tell you about but right now I’m too busy listening to an early demo of their next single, Baby Boom. Check the next news thread for more details on that.

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