Baby BoomIt’s finally here. On November 17th The Crimea will release their third single Baby Boom (cover art right) on Boobytrap Records. You may have already heard the song, previously titled Fred Flintstone, played during some of their gigs. If not, you can get along to one during the upcoming tour where you’re guaranteed a listen.
I can’t say if the single will be part of the Boobytrap singles club or not but if it is, they’ll join the likes of Mclusky, last years P.F.M.A. Best New Talent winners Samo Hung and ex-Murry The Hump band The Keys. Someone from Boobytrap mentioned the single a while ago on their website (yes that is their real site). Click [More] to read the whole ‘Booby Mail’, which mostly contains a review of their recent ‘Booby Night’ in London.
So many f***in booby’s…. As always, extra details on the new single will be posted as and when I get ahold of them.

Name: Boobytrap
Sent: 12.32 – 6/10

Hope you’re all well.

Boobytrap’s weekend consisted of listening to Johnathan Ross in bed with a hangover, eating too much Thai food resulting in lying on a sofa thinking about Louise Redknapp, going to see The Darkness, coming home to Cardiff from America (Croeso Nol Ceri!), sitting in New Zealand missing home, going to see The Keys, Texas Radio Band and Mozz in Clwb (Keys album out this week!), buying jumpers in Staines, celebrating Lleucu Meinir’s daughter’s birthday, finishing off a new album at home, going to see a posh Opera, buying the new Outkast album and some nice aftershave, drinkin too much…..anyways….

The brand new MC Mabon album is out in the shops now!

Below is the Playlouder review of the recent London Booby Night;

Onwards, then, to our next big night out, which takes us for the first time in, crumbs, many an age to Upstairs At The Garage, one of the first London venues we ever visited, if memory serves (and that was for the first ever Trembling Blue Stars gig. Ah, how great was ‘Abba On The Jukebox’? And just what did happen to them? Give us a wave if you’re reading, Bob!). Anyway, these days it’s playing host to things like nights put on by Boobytrap Records, who you’ve doubtless seen us getting all frothy about every time we mention Small Victories. But they’ve got more magnificence on their books than that. F’r'instance, here comes MC Mabon, looking for all the world about as un-bloke-on-stagey as pretty much anyone since the Proclaimers has but delivering an affable set of sometime-singy beatsome alt.ness, mostly culled from his recent and well-worth-owning ‘Pryna hwn rwan cyn i’r boi sgrynshio clustie ddod rownd’ elpee. We like, and we especially like ‘Fake American Accents’. He’s on the money, that boy.

Better still, though, are Kidz With Toyz, the Cardiff-based frontman of whom has – hey! – a fake American accent. Still, they’ve got ideas by the bundleful, which include dropping rhymes over ‘Seven Nation Army’ and ‘Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground’ in order to remind us that The White Stripes might well be a far superior proposition if Jack wasn’t kicking his cat collection all the way through their songs, hoovering up comedy cocaine with a giant ?20 note, and having one staggering track in which their electronics bloke blows a klaxon every time somebody swears. It’s a comic timing masterpiece, even if things go a touch awry as said horn keeps collapsing, but they’re more than amiable enough for this to be neatly papered over. Besides, when performing a ditty about drucks!, they advise “smoke like Dot Cotton”, which takes no notice of the fact Mrs Branning remarried about a year and a half ago but is an excellent suggestion nonetheless. Only joking, officer!

Small Victories album is out next month – it’s magnificent, and then there’ll be a single by The Crimea.

Take it easy. Nothing is more important than people. War ruins lives forever. Music is King.

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One Response to “The Crimea Start A Baby Boom”

  1. Denyer says:

    That single artwork is f***ing freaky…

    Looking forward to the b-sides (or b-side, as the singles club has an annoying habit of being two-track only)!

    Hopefully the band will be able to get a friendly deal off the back of this, if not with Boobytrap.

    And at least Boobynet has a shop now…

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