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It’s a tragedy, we’ve lost our… Julz! Nooooooo…… Click [More] to read the rest of the bad news, and some not so bad news.

Subject : The Crimea – It’s All Happening
Date : Sat, 1 Nov 2003 19:10:51 -0000

Dearest fockers,

Apologies for the on-line tardiness. It’s the usual excuses, to be honest -
the weather, Joe’s altitude, the rapidly decreasing amount of shopping days
before Christmas etc. Loads has happened in the meantime, so we’ll cut to
the chase. Brace yourselves tho’.

Julz has left The Crimea. We’d obviously like to thank her for all the hard
work she’s contributed to the band. We couldn’t have reached this point
without her and wish her all the best in her continuing funk-rock odyssey
with the legendary Project Winterhaven. Fans of Julz can keep up to date
with her progress on Aftershow parties at Owen
and Davey’s will never be the same again – extracted teeth will at least get
to the tooth fairy from now on. We love you Julz.

We have another guitarist. His name is Andy, and it’s not the same nobber
that’s on keyboards (as talented as he is, like). Andy Norton’s his name,
spanking the six-stringed plank is his game and he’s well up for the crack.
He’s a great guitarist, a thoroughly spiffing chap and we fully expect him
to give it some welly on our forthcoming tour. Make sure you make him feel
welcome when we come to see you.

Which brings us nicely to the full-on live extravaganza we’ve called the Van
On Fire Tour 2003. We’ve pulled a couple of gigs and added a few, but this,
however, is the definitive itinerary:

3/11 The Point, Dublin (with Stereophonics)
5/11 The Odyssey, Belfast (Stereophonics)
6/11 QMU, Glasgow (with Dashboard Confessional)
7/11 MDH, Manchester (with DC)
8/11 Shepherds Bush Empire, London (with DC)
9/11 Life Caf?, Manchester
10/11 The Vic, Derby
12/11 Metro, London
13/11 Barfly, Cardiff

Sorry to keep on, but we’ve got a new single coming out, too. Baby Boom (or
Fred Flintstone) is being released on Boobytrap, a tidy little label from
Cardiff. It’s out on November 17 and is backed with The Great Unknown.
There’s only one b-side – we’re not entirely sure why – but people more ‘in
the know’ than us have guaranteed it’ll be cheaper as a result. You’d ruddy
well hope so wouldn’t you?

And that, dear folks, is that. Keep checking for all the
news, venue details and all the important stuff we forget to tell you. is also great if you fancy scaling the heights of chatmandu
in the forum.

See you out on the road.

Lots of Love,

The Barge Folk
AKA Davey, Owen, Andy, Joe and Andy
AKA The Crimea

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3 Responses to “Mailing List”

  1. Denyer says:

    Had an order confirm for the promo, hopefully it hadn’t gone before I placed. Boobytrap singles used to be ?1.99 in Andy’s if I recall correctly. Shame this doesn’t usually translate into the same price when I’ve seen them for sale online (promo or otherwise.)

    When they say they’re not sure why, does this mean that there’s a few unreleased b-sides floating around or that they were surprised to only be asked to record one?

    Looking forward to an eventual album…

    Oh, and I didn’t know about the connection between Boobytrap and the BBC Wales radio show.

  2. Christopher says:

    I’d pay a tenner to get something a day early :o ) Hopefully Andy’ll get it in, he’ll be a rich man after i’ve finished my collection of baby boom cds.

    Owen’s idea of laying the blame elsewhere no doubt… :o D

    utopia, opp ends, album jun 05. believe it.

    That Huw’s a talented man. And such wonderful taste in music.

  3. craig says:

    i think maybe the 2 track single is a continuation from the deceased boobytrap singles club. that’s just an idea anyway.
    boobytrap usually have shit distribution if you’re outside of south wales so i hope this all goes to plan :s

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