It’s a tragedy, we’ve lost our melody…

Julz ParkerThose of you who’ve read the latest mail-out from The Crimea will already know that the day has come for Aussie Julia Parker (Julz to most) to stop playing with The Crimea so that she has more time to concentrate on her own band Project Winterhaven, including traveling back to Australia to play gigs and record some songs.
She joined the band exactly a year ago and since has attended around 33 gigs with the band (while making fans out of everyone who saw her), contributed to numerous song recordings and given Davey yet another excuse to stop learning how to play guitar properly. She’ll be greatly missed by everyone who witnessed her talent.
If you’d like to follow her progress, you can over at where I’m sure she’ll love any good luck messages left on PWH’s message board. I’ll leave you with a message posted by Julz on the PWH board, and a song I was once mailed by her. Click [More] to read it all. Goodbye and good luck Julz.

Julz Posted: Oct 27 2003, 01:31 PM
Well i guess its time something was said … my country hopping has become a bit of a trademark.
As of Last Saturday night the Crimea started playing with a new Guitarist (Andy). I really loved all my time with the band, it was some of the best musical moments of my life. Unfortunately, with PWH heading home to record throughout Dec – Jan, the Crimeans needed someone who was available 100% of the time and i couldnt be that person.
Im sure we will all play together again at some point in the future and I cant wait for the Album to be released as it will be one of the real crackers.
Anyway .. thats why we will be playing on the 5th in London .. and i dont see a real conflict of interest .. if you are in Ireland go see the Crimea if you are in london come see us…
And Congrats for the Crimea winning Best new talent in Wales .. i cant help but feel a little proud ..

in this life we are all just spinning on our secret missions
Project Winterhavenwhen we get there will we know
walk the line dont you get distracted, feelings go un-acted
just tiptoe slowly as you go

just turn your head and it gets taken from you
just look away it re-arranges for you
just blink an eye and the string it drops away

once in a life you meet a wandering stranger
words, actions, thoughts they plague you
just tiptoe slowly as you go

im gonna miss you but im happy for you
you never know i just might follow you down,
follow you soon
you never know i just might follow you.

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One Response to “It’s a tragedy, we’ve lost our melody…”

  1. Julz says:

    Thanks for the kind words .. thanks for the good times …
    and ha if you think i wont be rocking to the aftershow parties … you dont get of that easy .. and finally … TWAS MAGNIFICO WHILE IT LASTED !!!! Much Much love to my crimean family (oh and the second just tiptoe slowly line is funnily enough .. The crossroads pass, which way to go?)

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