Win A Signed WRG CDBaby Boom’s out in a week but if you haven’t got a hold of the last single White Russian Galaxy yet, OistarBwoy are giving away two signed versions of the single if you can just answer one simple question. They’ve also reviewed The Crimea’s gig last night at the Shepherds Bush Empire supporting Dashboard Confessional. Click on the [More] button to read the Crimea related bit of the article or visit for the full article and competition.

Dashboard Confessional with The Crimea supporting were playing at the Shepherds Bush Empire on the 8th of November. OistarBwoy decided to check it out.
So there we are Cawser, Lodge and me. And what happens WOW!! Out walk The Crimea who proceed to blow our minds. Watching a support band squished in the first few rows of any gig is normally a worrying experience. People that close to the barrier tend to be die hard fans of the main act and unfortunately dont always give the support a chance. But Crimea were AMAZING. I was jumping up and down to songs i didnt know, but what i did know was i loved it. The stage presence was awsome, the lead singer was electric. I was laping up the energy bouncing off him, an unbelievable vibe.They were much more then just a warm up for the dashboard. complettely enjoying their set i was impressed and was lucky enough to grab one of the guys when the night was over for a chat. He sat and talked to me for a while. I told him about the site ( and he seemed keen enough to check it out. On top of that he was kind enough to sort me two signed cds.

Review written by Cat for OistarBwoy.

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3 Responses to “Win Signed CDs! And A Review…”

  1. cat says:

    hey guys see you checked out the site much apreciated…will be coming to the metro wednesday look forward to a great gig, say howdy if youve got time.

  2. Denyer says:

    I would enter, but I’ve already got the single and wouldn’t want to take it away from someone who hasn’t…

  3. Christopher says:

    same here. i figure being the owner of a signed promo album and original owner of half the signed crimea goods in england trumps a couple of signed wrg’s anyday. still, to the lucky person who does win, will a 10er do?

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