Baby Boom Review & Missed Session

The first review of Baby Boom (out Monday) has appeared on the web. Gigwise liked the lyrics, may like the band but didn’t like the single much when they reviewed it for their weekly round up. Click here to read the article on their website or on [More] to stay here and read it.
It seems that Gideon Coe had the band live in session for his Radio 6 show last Wednesday. If anyone has a recording of the show, send it this way. Click on the [More] button to see what he had to say about the band.

This weeks singles

Multinational balladeers The Crimea, meanwhile, are doing their best to convince us that they?re a bunch of emotionally-driven experimentalists, but new single ?Baby Boom? is dreary, uneventful indie rock without much going for it other than the admittedly fine line ?I guess you can call me Fred Flintstone?. Lyrically they?re on another level, but it?s tunes that really make us rush out to buy records, and if you can?t be bothered with those then what?s the point?

Review by Will Williams for

Mid-Morning Show

Wednesday 12th November
Today’s session band are more East End than Eastern Europe, although they do have a name redolent of the rolling Steppes.
The Crimea (for it is they) will be playing live for us at 1141(ish). Look out for their new single Baby Boom, out on Monday.
There’s a new feature to break in; ALL ABOARD THE WIST WAGON pits two sighing songsters back-to-back, with no comment required.
Today’s GREAT LOST ALBUM is a suitably wistful affair too, being Nick Drake’s Pink Moon.

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11 Responses to “Baby Boom Review & Missed Session”

  1. Denyer says:

    "The first review of Baby Boom (out Monday) has appeared on the web."

    *cough* ;)

    Gigwise didn’t even get the line they quoted correct. They’re right it’s not particularly cheerful, but the only reason they appear to have bothered to review the single is to tie-in with their editorial line about there "not being enough catchy tunes around"… if they like pop-rock (which they do, reading the other reviews) they aren’t looking very hard. Nor can they be arsed to spend much time on either listening or writing, apparently…

  2. Christopher says:

    grr… i was gonna keep yours as a secret until release day when everyone’s got a copy as it’s so detailed, but there you go spoilig everyone’s fun… i still figure no one reads any of these comments so they’ll never know.. or read most of the site… just noticed we’re past 30,000 hits btw…

    never thought much of fred flintstone and wouldn’t have cared if they got the line right or not cos it seemed like a crap line anyway. but i now know better thanks to you. davey’s on a crusade to give man a bad name again. as if he need bother. but u think that’s why warner bros signed em though? they must have something to do with fred. or hannah barberarah whoever they do loads of cartoons… um… and in conclusion… u moaning git i said i’d put it up when the single comes out.

  3. Christopher says:

    talkng of which… i should put up a list of places selling it ( now have it for 2.99)… and if anyone wants me to get them a copy from andy’s then i will do (free royal mail fuck up the case postage and packaging included :o ) and he’s still got shit loads of crox cds too.

  4. Denyer says:

    Not moaning, just pointing out that it ain’t the first… and posting to address the fact that Gigwise don’t seem to spend much time on their project. I’ve always thought it a good idea to review stuff you have a chance of liking, so "Baby Boom" being given to someone looking for a different type of music was a bad decision.

    I read this site for news and Crox lyrics, mostly. ‘Big press’ official reviews (in magazines with decent-sized readerships) I also take an interest in, but by people such as Gigwise or myself? I’d rather download and listen to a clip of the track and maybe read some lyrics. Bought the Keys album on the strength of the BBC sessions, for instance… to find that it lacked my favourite tracks from those sessions…

    Is it feasible to offer ~30 second MP3 clips here? I could handle the file editing side of things if it’d help. You might wanna clear it with the band first, of course. =)

  5. Denyer says:

    Oh, and feel free to edit out part or all the first comment if you want, of course. =)

  6. Denyer says:

    Can’t find anything useful on the Coe sessions, but I’ve mailed to ask…

  7. Christopher says:

    big tip.. never eat loads of candy and post stuff.. it makes you write weird things…

    saw the keys album in andy’s in the window :o ) you ever heard of cate timothy?

    i was just thinking yesterday how shit proper official sites are with their 30 second clips of stuff.. a 40 meg video is much more interesting. maybe if/when the album comes out i’ll get some clips up.

  8. Christopher says:

    I’m hoping the session is gonna get put up with all the other sessions for his show. Only looks like the really big bands are getting put up but the "for it is they" line looks promising. And it’ll be in .ram format so I’m sure you figure something out with that. And you gotta love the co-op just over the road. Who’s genius idea was it to put it there :o D Wow I just noticed the roof outside my flat… intresting…

  9. Christopher says:

    new comments layout at last :o ) but is better with newest comment at top or at bottom? i’m already getting confused by them with newest at bottom.

  10. Christopher says:

    newest @ top now… much nicer. spent all day updating the site, just gotta wait to midnight to upload everything… and now i’m talking to myself.. uni’s fucked me up kids… maybe someone can make a proper band site… get a fucking record lable lads.. or just start up your own. i’m done.

  11. Denyer says:

    "i was just thinking yesterday how shit proper official sites are with their 30 second clips of stuff.. a 40 meg video is much more interesting. maybe if/when the album comes out i’ll get some clips up."

    They definitely encourage people to check out the CDs. They don’t take too much bandwidth, so sites don’t have to worry about that and people on dial-up are inclined to check ‘em out.

    Closer to an album you could try some clips (a couple of A-sides, a couple from new songs) and either a full track (such as LWOA) if the band are agreeable, or focus on a couple of the best live recordings… from the Peel Session, perhaps? That’d be my strategy.

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