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Lots of Baby Boom related news today, I’ll just shut up and get on with it…
Andy Norton - Photo ? 2003 John BownThe Crimea will be in session on XFM’s The Works from 9.00pm tonight. You can listen to it on radio, digital TV or online at where you can also hear a clip of new single Baby Boom in the XFM Playlist section. have a review of the single, which first appeared in the Manchester Evening News (send scanned copies this way), on their website giving it three out of five stars. You can read the review here or by clicking on [More].
According to a comment left on the Manchester Online site, The Vanden Plas have produced a remix of Baby Boom. If you can get their message board to work, go leave a message there to find out more.
John Bown has taken four pages worth of black and white photos of The Crimea at The Met Club in London last Friday. You can view them all at his website here. Thanks to him for emailing me about them. If only others would do the same.
The single is currently listed as number 62 in the Future Chart, an official listing of predicted chart results for all new singles based on interest in them before release date. Not that it’ll get anywhere near the charts this week if the distribution isn’t sorted out. I apologise for anyone who’s tried to get a copy from a shop and hasn’t managed to (me included).
Though all is well on the radio play front, including the session I just mentioned on XFM, Radio 1 and 6 continuing to play the single and I was just emailed an enquiry from America about radio play over there.

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Thursday, 13th November 2003

The Crimea – Baby Boom (Boobytrap)
3 out of 5 stars
Simon Donohue

The Crimea seemingly take their cue from The Flaming Lips, with strange, folk-rock lyrics about drinking too much and not wanting to spark another baby boom.
Most notable is the way that the lead guitar, which flows throughout this masterpiece, has been tweaked to sound like some kind of deranged violin.
What begins as an irritation turns over the course of the track into something hypnotically charming.
It ambles and rambles, then reels you in.
Apparently, The Crimea had originally intended to call Baby Boom by the more bizarre name of Fred Flintstone.
I can’t think why – unless you have to be part of the stone(d) age to truly appreciate its charms.

Released November 17, 2003.

From the website here.

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3 Responses to “Baby Boom News”

  1. Denyer says:

    Mmmm… I think the Flaming Lips comparison is very apt… in fact, everyone should check out their track "Waitin’ for a Superman" if they haven’t already… =)

  2. craig says:

    quality song. se also: she don’t use jelly.

  3. simon says:

    i heard baby boom on xfm many months ago and havne’t heard anything more – it’s not out in shops, and impossible to get online in MP3 version too. Sort it out!

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