Online mag Drowned In Sound have reviewed The Crimea’s support slot for Dashboard Confessional in Manchester, and describe them as “fucking awful” and “an American Travis whose only interesting factor is a mulleted bassist”. My thoughts? Thank god for Joe and his new mullet. And why do people keep thinking Davey’s American? Click [More] to read the review or here to read it on the DiS site if you really must., on the other hand, quite like them. They’ve reviewed new single Baby Boom and after another comparison with the Flaming Lips, gave it 4/5 stars. Read the whole review on their website here or by clicking on [More].
Boobytrap Records’ website has been updated with information on the new single and on their Christmas Bash gig featuring The Crimea. More information on all new Crimea gigs can be found on the gigs page.

Dashboard Confessional + The Crimea
The venue: Manchester Academy 2 (formerly MDH)
The date: 7th November 2003

In anticipation of the money shot, eager to impress emo kids and bespectacled boffins alike, The Crimea pull out a roaring war epic of a performance. Thrusting and gaoling like a half dead man in a trench of rotten flesh, they scream and scream – and it’s fucking awful. An overpowering mess of acidic guitars, mixing melody with out of synch loops and a growling, tunelessly painful vocal.

What a difference then, it is to be so threatened by the opening song of an opening band, working to understand them. Mid-way through, it finally clicks and all the sounds turn into lush harmonies. This is the point when we are ready to bow down and accept this band as our future heroes. And then, ‘Do You Want To See My Happy Side‘ which, as it suggests, is a chirpy little number about some love or another and before we know it, we’re back to the same as it always has been. We’re left an American Travis whose only interesting factor is a mulleted bassist. Sadly depressing.

Rating: 3/5 Author: Edward Mellett

From Drowned In Sound’s review of The Crimea supporting Dashboard Confessional here.

single: ‘baby boom’ (boobytrap)
brief description: diverse welsh rumblings from ex-crocketts stars
year: 2003

Wales strumpets The Crimea have mastered the fine art of compounding yearning guitar-lines with dreamingly lethargic vocals without sounding like your average whiney indie waifs ? a rare achievement, and luckily for us, one with a unique outcome.

Like an amalgam of The Flaming Lips? best bits and the Eels? most beautiful, the band formerly known as The Crocketts have created a superior cross-breed, and one that will hopefully disseminate among the music world; after all, word of Crimea?s wit and sighing tones are spreading like wildfire, and any band that manage to sing ?Fred Flintstone? and ?Tarzan king of the jungle? with a straight face deserve recognition of the highest order.

B-side ?The Great Unknown? also deserves a mention; an eclectic combo of wistful guitars and a Spanish-paced drumbeat unravel a piano-melody of such nursery-rhyme simplicity that extricating the child-like notes from the recesses of your memory will be nigh-on impossible. This, juxtaposed with momentous guitar build-ups stolen from only the best Mexican spaghetti western should provide The Crimea with their biggest hit to date. And like all good inventions, it seems as if it was stumbled upon by accident.

4/5 Stars

Clara Burtenshaw

From’s website here.

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