I’ve always loved the city of York, and here’s yet another reason for it being the greatest place on earth. York’s major independent record shop Track Records have just listed The Crimea’s single Baby Boom as number eight in their weekly sales charts, beating the likes of Britney Spears and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Click [More] to see the chart, taken from this website. And if you’re still having trouble finding the single in a store, you can order it online from for the lowest price I’ve seen yet, ?2.49, including free second class delivery in the UK.

York’s top 10 music chart for this week …

Last updated Thursday 20 November 2003

1 (NE) Razorlight ? Rip It Up
2 (NE) Radiohead ? 2+2=5
3 (1) Wildhearts ? Top Of The World
4 (NE) White Stripes ? Hardest Button To Press
5 (NE) Cooper Temple Clause ? Blind Pilots
6 (NE) Belle & Sebastian ? Step Into My Office
7 (NE) Blueskins ? Tell Me I?m Something
8 (NE) Crimea ? Baby Boom
9 (7) Britney Spears ? Me Against The Music
10 (NE) Red Hot Chili Peppers ? Fortune Faded

1 (NE) The Beatles ? Let It Be ? Naked
2 (2) REM ? In Time: Best Of
3 (NE) Blink 182 ? Blink 182
4 (NE) Moody Blues ? Ballads
5 (NE) Robert Plant ? Sixty Six To Timbuktu
6 (8) Dido ? Life For Rent
7 (3) Flaming Lips – Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell
8 (RE) Damien Rice – O
9 (5) Emmylou Harris ? Stumble Into Grace
10 (NE) Status Quo ? Riffs

Charts supplied by Track Records, York.

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4 Responses to “Baby Boom Enters Top 10 (Kinda…)”

  1. Amy says:

    Rock-A-Boom in Leicester had one copy of it in stock today at ?2.99. didnt see it at all in HMV

  2. Denyer says:

    The Crimea and The Wildhearts, both in a top ten list… woo! =)

  3. Denyer says:

    Hey, they have all the singles! Right, I know what I’m slipping into my ex-girlfriend’s Christmas card… =)

  4. Christopher says:

    "Hey, they have all the singles!"
    who? track records? yeah they’re a decent shop but was in there once and found a copy of llama farmer’s snow white single in the singles display and when i went to pay for it they couldnt find the cd. grrr…

    "Right, I know what I’m slipping into my ex-girlfriend"

    "’s Christmas card…"

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