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There’s some new MP3s up for download on the downloads page. It’s all the stuff from The Crimea’s Bethan & Huw session in September. Sorry it took so long to get them up there. And huge thanks to Stuart who provided me with the MP3s.
If you’re looking for Crimea MP3s that have been on this site previously and you missed, currently has the Cable TV Fred Flintstone acoustic up for download, aswell as links to many other top band’s MP3s and websites.
I’ve managed to get hold of the Baby Boom remix by The Vanden Plas (thankyou Mr Reynolds), but unfortunately am unable to put it up for download right now. It’s a lovely little bit of music though. Think that dancey stuff you get on arcade racing games mixed with a very pissed Davey.
And The Crimea’s former lead guitarist Julz Parker has been in Australia with her band Project Winterhaven recording some new stuff. Check out an MP3 of new song Can You See The Water by downloading it from their website

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  1. Small tip for those who want to write these MP3s to CD, since I seem to recall RazorLame output them as 33,060kHz sampled:

    Load up Winamp, go to Options > Preferences > Output > Disk Writer and make sure that Convert To Format is ticked with "44.100 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo". That’ll give you WAV files suitable for CD burning. =)

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