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The new issue of the Vanity Project fanzine is due out in April with a review of Baby Boom but if you can’t wait till then, the review has been posted on their website here, along with their thought on a promo by Crimea fans The Fallacy.
And congratulations to The Crocketts’ ex-webmistress Holly Boswell and ex-guitar tech Will Boswell who recently had a baby girl between them. As soon as you teach her web design Hol, send her this way .

The Crimea – Baby Boom (Boobytrap)
After last years ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’, it would appear The Crimea delight in laying on some ethereal post-schmaltz to tug at you in a despairing kind of way, but at the same time romantic and affecting. To my mind ‘Baby Boom’, certainly within the chorus, is almost a twin of that mid-90′s favourite ”74-’75′ by The Connells. Well it was a favourite of mine anyway. I like ‘Baby Boom’ and indeed b-side ‘The Great Unknown’ because they move me in the same way as ”74-’75′, in a kind of peculiar mid-afternoon American TV movie kind of way. That sounds like a criticism, but isn’t, as it’s not that these songs are cheap and tacky or that one sounds the same as the other but that they tap in and release the same emotions. Fair play, however you go about it, and my soppiness plays an equal part, I grant you.

Review written by Skif.

Taken from Vanity Project’s issue nine webpage here.

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