So, let’s make some stuff up…

Big Big BirdWith the lack of any decent Crimea news, I’m just gonna make stuff up and inflict mildly interesting happenings upon you all.
Sometime over the Christmas period, Davey ate a few too many birds and unfortunately turned into one himself. After moving back to Aber for a few days and laying a large egg, he’s now back home creating all new weird and wonderful masterpieces.
Sleeper… well I like them… are gonna be on Radio 6 (they love The Crimea too you know) this evening around 10pm. It’s a broadcast of a show they played years ago while the Crimea were still banging stones together as The Crocketts. Course you could just go here and listen to their Oxford Uni show.
JULZ NEWS No I’m not obsessed with her… much… There’s a video of her with a strange looking arab dude on her website. Here’s hoping the ransom money gets through OK…. Only kidding she’s back in London with her brother band and is recording a new EP called, well, i dunno… but it’s got the word monkey in it, so it’s gotta be hella good.
If anyone, anyone at all would like to help redesign and recode this site to stop it looking like sh*te, I’d be eternally grateful.
Julz In UAEOwen, if you’re reading, someone wants you to play Bristol’s Fleece & Firkin. So get over there.
The guy from The Vanden Plas who remixed Baby Boom should be sending me a CD of it soon. Some persuasive e-mails could help out anyone who wants to hear it.
And be sure to check you local newsagent’s supply of fashion mags, you just never know when a band member’ll get pissed and do something stupid again…

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8 Responses to “So, let’s make some stuff up…”

  1. grogzie says:

    bloody hell you must be bored…today…..

  2. Christopher says:

    a month without any proper news. what am i meant to do?

    eh.. i’m just excited sleeper are on the radio tonight, if i’d heard any of their stuff 5 years ago you’d currently be looking at a sleeper website, not a crox one.
    only bands i ever wish i’d seen live are them and the crox, and i’ve got as close to the crox as i can with the crimea.

    and that video julz took is cool. i wanna skateboard over pigions too.

  3. Amy says:

    ahh seee Davey knew Christmas was really Easter too :P hehe :P

  4. grogzie says:

    i seen sleeper a few years ago and her nipples grew into bullets when she was singing..I can still see it now it was amazing…i told her that after the gig she just laughed and called me a perv..

  5. xxx says:

    yay, the Crimea should come to Bristol, Cardiff smells willy snot!

  6. xxx says:

    Sorry, that should be "smells of" *SLAP* retard me!

  7. Christopher says:

    you know he read it aswell :o ) cept i don’t think he’s gonna take much notice unless you’re a promoter who’s gonna pay them shit loads.

    (say you are, he’ll never know…)

    oh yeah… grogz.. you perv… there’s mp3s at if you want em…

  8. xxx says:

    what if…i paid them with my Birthday money?! or they could do it as a present to a dedicated fan whose boyfriend is even more dedicated?!?!?!?!?! it was my 18th!!!!

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