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Mailing ListMung Beans and mail-outs. The Crimea kll ll hpps.
So sorry, this mailout was sent two weeks ago but I’ve only just received a copy. Anyway… Album news is now public

Subject : Mung Beans and mail-outs. The Crimea kll ll hpps.
Sent : 28 January 2004 23:56:55

Like, right on, dude. Far out etc.

the Crimea are playing a show this saturday if anyone fancies a chortle.
It’s at a squat called The Gallery in Leytonstone, London. It’ll no doubt be
full of dread locks and lost dogs wandering around, strings dangling from
makeshift collars, trying to find their stoned owners.

The address is 491 Grove Green rd and it’s about a minute walk from the
tube. We’ll also be on early enough for people to dive out and get
home/dodge the ‘joy’ of mung bean delight. We think it’s about ?5 and
there’s five bands playing, but you can never tell with these hippes. It’ll
probably be Ravi Shankar jamming on one chord for three hours.

We’ve also had our date at South By Southwest, Austin TX, confirmed. It’s
the 19th of March. Playing at the festival will be Marillion, so if any of
our American fans want anything signed, we’ll be down the front for Grendel.

Our album’s in the pipeline too. Tentatively titled ‘Ou est le beast’, it’ll
be full of your favourites. A bit like Revels without the coffee creams.
It’ll be ready to buy from about March, we reckon.

C’est tout.

See you in another dimension. Have we told you how versatile pulses are as a
food source? Nutritious too…

The Crimea

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7 Responses to “Mailing List”

  1. Denyer says:

    Y’gonna add this to the main page, then? ;-)

  2. Christopher says:

    gee you people are never pleased…

    happy now?

  3. Denyer says:

    D’you happen to know if the White Blue Dog Label promo CDs in the Shop are pressed CDs or just CD-Rs?

  4. Christopher says:

    How do you tell? The one’s I’ve got are back home so I can’t really check but I think they might be CD-Rs.

  5. Denyer says:

    They’ll be silver on the side which holds the audio data rather than green or blue.

    I might drop Owen a mail… if they’re not CD-Rs, I might get as ways to introduce people to the Crox. If they are CD-Rs, though, I can just as easily copy stuff myself…

  6. Christopher says:

    I think they’re silver…

  7. Christopher says:

    DUDE – check your inbox asap, it’s of the upmost importance (at least that’s what owen thinks…)

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