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CD TimesCD Times has a review up of the Borderline gig. No news of the green-eyed one but plenty of Davey love. “A thousand yard stare that would give John Lydon the willies”. Check out the review on their site or read some of it by clicking [More]. Time for a sing-along. # If she gets scabies, I want scabies…#

The Crimea – Borderline – 25th February 2004

Those who saw The Crockets will know what a heady rush of adrenaline that experience was. Sadly, they’ve been a mere memory for some time now, but Davey has not been idle. The Crimea are soon to grace us with their debut album and here they are again, taking the live scene by storm once more.

Let’s get one thing nice and clear; MacManus is a superstar. Not because he’s spent hours practicing in front of a mirror and not because some record company is attempting to mould him into one nor, you suspect, because he simply wants to be one. He just is. He has more pure charisma and talent dripping from one sweaty pore than pretty much anyone else you care to mention. With a thousand yard stare that would give John Lydon the willies, a natural instinct for the theatric and that gap toothed grinning, gurning mouth from which lyrics of the purest, acid tinged type drop like incendiary devices.

Crowd favorite, Lottery Winners On Acid perhaps best exemplifies this. Take a lyric like “She gets scabies/I want scabies/she goes tripping/I go falling over” and you have some idea of the hearfelt genius behind the noise and tonight, they play this like a bastard; sensing the crowd are aching for it, after some unfamiliar newer songs. Other old favorites follow, like Allah Was Wrong with it’s ubercool, stomp-along chorus of “Allah was wrong/Allah was wrong/Jesus Christ was wrong/Allah was wrong” and spat out and a thousand miles an hour but with such passion and feeling you never doubt that the sentiment behind this band is 100% real.

Musically, they can only be described as super passionate punk rockers. Not afraid to play balls to the wall when necessary, but with a laid back, almost tender edge. The song titles sum them up best, and with a song called If You Want To See My Happy Side, Better Tell Me My Girl Just Died” you know what you’re in for. The new stuff played tonight reveals an almost rock ‘n’ roll type direction, which is perhaps a little worrying, but so far, so good, they didn’t let us down tonight.

The Crimea are certainly worth checking out if you’re into the more melodic punk sound. Davey Macmanus is well on his way to becoming a front man of some legend and the band have never sounded tighter or more aggressive. One to keep an eye on for the future, cos if this band ever break through to more mainstream audiences, they’ll be absolutely massive. See them now, instead.

Review by Karl Wareham for CD Times.

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6 Responses to “Borderline Review”

  1. Denyer says:

    Aside from failing the acid test of bothering to look up what the songs are called (seems they trusted Davey to introduce stuff…)

    Suggests that they should re-release "Piggy Eyes" and "Palisade" to cash in on this perceived cheery rock’n'roll disposition… *hint-hint* ;-)

  2. xxx says:

    Talking of Allah, or should that be ‘Allah Was Wrong’, is it just me or was anybody else expecting it on the album? along with Forgotten? C’est weird

  3. Denyer says:

    Maybe they’re aiming to make b-sides to a great next single out of ‘em?

  4. Julio says:

    yeah, was expecting those 2.
    also I Saw The Lord
    what happened to All Conquering as well?

  5. xxx says:

    Lets just hope they have got great plans for them…it would be a shame if there wasnt…one might say they would become forgotten…*waits for laughter…*

  6. xxx says:

    *Still waiting for laughter…*

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