Crimea Photos

Captain AndyJohn Bown has a new collection of Crimea photos taken at The Borderline on February 25th. You can view a selection of his Crimea photos through the pictures page here, or see the whole of the Borderline set by clicking here.
Another of the band’s photo mateys went along to their show in Dublin on Friday and came away with the little image you see to the right. Many more can be found at
And today is March 8th which I’ve been informed is a very important date, something to do with the completion of a certain long playing project. Hopefully the wait shouldn’t be too long now. Order your copy here, if you haven’t already.

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3 Responses to “Crimea Photos”

  1. grogzie says:

    of course march the 8th is an important date..its me birthday….
    still sober though mind you its only 3.30..and got well pissed for it saturday…will c some of yiz at the gig thursday..
    c yi

  2. jon says:

    penblwydd hapus!

  3. grogz says:

    should it no huv been
    penblwydd hapus!Ddoe


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