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Vote For The CrimeaAfter actually bothering to read the Wanadoo website, turns out the competition ain’t no small thing. It’s a Europe wide comp, pitting bands from four different countries against each other. The first round of voting ends April 11th, when the winning band from each country are voted for again, and the final winner performs live in the south of France at an event broadcast live over the internet. Which means a free Crimea gig for you all. And if you were thinking you get away with just voting once, oohh no no no, it’s 100 votes per computer per day. Get you’re fingers out kids, it’s the NME poll all over again. I’m off, only 99 votes to go…

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  1. Amy says:

    WOOOOO!!!!!! we’re top, but keep on voting peeps…

    btw i looked at the rules and it didnt say anywhere that u couldnt vote more than once… ;)

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