Lot’s of you, including myself, have received their signed copies of Tragedy Rocks today. Gotta love “Howling At The Moon…” and all the other great tracks. It’s released on yet another “home grown” label, “Klutz Inc”, reflecting the entrance in the credits of everyone from (long awaited recognition for ex-crox) Rich and Dan to the new nutter with the big hair, and even I’m in em (thanks, whoever put me in there. I am not worthy). So I figure it’s time for some proper credits round here, click the red button for a load of sucking up. More info on the album will be pouring onto this page by the hour, in a well disguised effort to merely get the entry count up.

The Big Big Thankyous
Just to make sure, these are all written by me, Christopher Friend, a Crimea fan, and are nothing to do with the band’s own credits.

The Crocketts
The Crimea

That’s all of you from Graham to Geoff, Andy N to Andy S, including
Davey MacManus for being a lyrical and musical genius.
Owen Hopkin for keeping everyone well informed.
Julz Parker for being super-cool.
And all the lad’s girlfriends for influencing great lyrics like “If you wanna see my happy side, better tell me my girl just died”. You know I don’t mean it.

Holly Boswell (and hew new kid) for God bless websites.
Stuart Denyer and Chris Taylor for helping out with
Gavin Nugent @ Out There Management for keeping me busy on the site.
Iona Bateman, Elodie, Tina McClelland and John Bown for the pics/info.
Everyone else who’s contributed to the site in any way.

Jagermeister, Nuxx, Out There for supporting the band.
Boobytrap and Channefly for putting the singles out.
Davey’s family (Rachel/Annie/etc) for everything they’ve done.
Lucy Bryant for the artwork.
Dom Jolly from Trigger Happy TV for the huge advertisement.
John Peel @ Radio One for and even bigger one. Can’t thank the guy enough.
104.9 XFM Radio.

The nicked 8-track.
The Enterprise, and the girl at the door for not scaring the shit outa me.
Opposite Ends, it’ll be no. 1 someday…

Jennifer Trimmer for the first person ever to say the name “Crocketts” to me.
Jennifer Bolster for giving me the will to make websites.
Jon Birch for the bedrooms, and always being in the right place at the right time.
Everyone else who’s kept me company at Crimea gigs.
Susan Cameron for being mother goose to the army (and her new kid).
Jane Weeks.
Scott Andrews from Midasuno.
Murry The Hump for giving me music to listen to after gigs.
Llama Farmers for giving me music to listen to before gigs.

Everyone who’s ever bought Crimea/Crocketts CDs/merch.
Everyone on the message board and forum, you’re the only social life I have.
Everyone currently voting for the band on the Wanadoo poll.

More to come, when I remember you.

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