Tragedy Rocks Lyrics

Oh wow, lyrics, um… another excuse for an entry. [More] brings today’s last instalment of extra curricular reading.

“Tarzan who might be dad”. Damn Irish accents.

“A little pre-historic, pumpkin” You know I figured out that comma just days ago, and it all finally made sense. What the hell was a “prehistoric pumpkin” meant to be anyway?

“Klutzes” This has been written out infront of me for weeks and I never noticed the significance. Head transplants this way. Liver transplants this way.

I swear they just stripped some of the text off this site. No one’s this good at transcribing lyrics.

“Came out of…..” ?

Discrepencies will be updated in no time, I may even add in the missing Africa.

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  1. d1939 says:

    i thought it was
    "everytime i make some dirty love"

    and also

    "as weird as gary glitter on playaway"

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