Bunch O No Good, Lazy…

Vote For The CrimeaHave fun last night? When you were out with your mates getting pissed on the pull when you shoulda been in, VOTING FOR THE CRIMEA!!! You heard me, get of your asses, or rather, get onto them and get voting. We’re down 3% off the lead and there’s two other bands coming up behind. You think three votes is enough? Thirty? If I don’t get at least 300 a day from all of you then Andy’s being sent round with a chainsaw, and it ain’t to cut his hair. By the way, the multiple vote button clicks aren’t working anymore, you can get two in but anymore than that and it just gives you an error.

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11 Responses to “Bunch O No Good, Lazy…”

  1. d1939 says:

    i must have voted about 50 times…

    Must try harder!!!

  2. Christopher says:

    woo.. 50… about 5% of the total i’ve voted, forget the actuall %’s. everyone really needs to get a hell of alot in. and them bloody capstin people now have a 4% lead. grrrrrrrr.

  3. xxx says:

    my tip for multiple voting would be, do it!! and also, onces you’ve typed in the number and pressed vote, on the next page simpley press back and then refresh, works a treat! ‘Donkey’

  4. xxx says:

    ok, i just checked the crimea’s position and went to click on the thing to vote for them again and i actually just voted for ‘Adult Cinema’ and after a panic i realised they’re actually at the bottom so probably needed my vote!

  5. Christopher says:


    the 100 a day rule seems non existent. a couple days ago i was on and it went up 4% in about 30 mins, can’t have been too many people on so if everyone helps out we’ll be back at the top in no time. and them maupa guys have climbed about 12% in a day, so this time tomorrow we could be well in the lead :o D

  6. xxx says:


  7. Christopher says:

    Oh good lord.
    While Maupa are shagging us, Capstin have taken their pole and shuved it right up our arses.


    I know 200 a day don’t cut it, I’ve been doing it and we’re heading south :o \

  8. Christopher says:

    This is fucking war kids.

    Maupa banned me from thier forum. I only asked for a couple Crimea votes. And I swear to god they’re not getting them votes by human means alone.

  9. Denyer says:

    I’ll have a think and let you know…

  10. Denyer says:

    Nope, unless someone in one of those band camps is "in the know" as to what algorithm is used to generate "e7a4968185c93a4af499eb3fc75f42a6405d3954bb903" from "111238" they’re doing it by hand. It isn’t md5, certainly.

    However, if you did have the algorithm, you could fake a referer using telnet if needed and pass variables to artiste_vote.php quite easily.

  11. Christopher says:

    well, it’s in hex. that’s as much as i can figure out.

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