Voting Update

We Need YouToday I’ve been everywhere from band forums to radio message boards, music review sites and computer news sites, canvassing for Crimea votes. So far I’ve managed to get a post up on Sleeper’s remaining fan site, an American computer genius interested in The Crocketts and myself banned from another band’s forum. Still, they were one of the other bands in the poll. Maybe I went a little too far with that one. But guess what, 5% off the lead. You guys are killing me here. Even with the little “Crimea Need You!” posters, we’re falling by the hour. Feel free to add the little rectangular shaped propaganda to your forum signatures and get advertising around the web. It’s starting to feel like the army just ain’t enough on it’s own. Now go VOTE CRIMEA.

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2 Responses to “Voting Update”

  1. Aimz says:

    wooo i’ve gotten us a voter from posting on the littlenikita forum :D

  2. Aimz says:

    right.. i’ve been voting a bit but am still not too good on reading the numbers at the mo so it’s taking me ages.. my dad has been voting!, i’ve been and posted about it on the Snow Patrol forum, the Little Nikita Forum and replied to things on the Ash forum about it.. will now go and post on anywhere else i can think of!

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