Radio One Interview

Radio One. Whatever your personal thoughts (*cough* bunch of tossers deleting two ‘vote crimea’ posts when they said one was fine just hate the crox don’t they and what a fucking shite media player like i’d want to listen to three hours of crap on the station… *cough*), they are useful for one thing. Crimea adverts. Thanks to Jim on the message board for letting me in on this; the band took part in a documentary on Steve Lamaq’s show last night, entitled the Texas Checkbook Massacre. It was all about the SXSW festival and The Crimea featured throughout, talking about their trip to a museum, their hotel room, their SXSW gig and more. There’s a recording over on the R1 site, but forget the commercialised nobbers cos I’ll have a recording of all the band’s interview up very soon, and if they try to sue me for copyright issues then i’m gonna get that capstin pole and shove it right up em cos it’s looking mighty large right now.

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