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Mailing ListHody pard’ners – The Crimea return with American accents and a new show
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Sent : 29 March 2004 19:00:44
Subject : Hody pard’ners – The Crimea return with American accents and a new show

yow show ho

We’re back from America. Disregarding the fights with local crew, other
bands’ crew, venue staff, equipment etc it all went swimmingly. Heard the
one about Joey Ramone going in to a Delhi on Broadway asking for curry
flavoured Baked Beans? No? Well, we have and it ain’t that funny.

So yeah, we were wined and dined, met a lot of great people, a few odd bods
and the occasional freak (Texan taxi driving karate kid psycho – you know
who you are). A big thanks to everyone who made the trip a blast – Linda,
Gavin, Rich Egan, Perry Watts Russel, Filter and Fader crews, everyone we
promised we’d mail when we were steaming – Mille danke. The upshot is it’s
all looking good and there’s a slight chance of some good news in the
future. Only slight tho’.

Anyway, to kick off the jetlag, we’ve got a show coming up this Thursday
(April 1st) at the Windmill, Brixton. It’ll be the usual Windmill deal ?3
in, cheap booze, bangin’ choons. Come down, Thursday night’s not alright for
fighting so most of you will be free. For details, directions etc. type in the URL bit of the web programme.

Obviously, we’ll be hitting the rest of the UK with Ash and we’ve submitted
a long list of cities and venues to our agents, so hopefully we’ll be coming
to a town near you soon.

The album, obviously is still out there – – for ordering
details. Sorry, by the way, if anyone’s experienced delays in getting their
album back. We had to rock the USA’s socks off. You know how it is. It’s the
best thing in the long run, trust us.

That’s it for now. Have a nice day y’all.

Lots of love

The sh*t k*cking Crimea. Yee fuggin haw!

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