SXSW And CD Locations

Andy NortonA man called Tom from the weird world of the USA has let me know about his review and photos of The Crimea’s performance at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. You can view the short review here and photo section here, or just hit [More].
Literaly thirty seconds ago I finished transferring the Radio 1 SXSW documentary to MP3, I now have to cut a twenty-eight meg file down to size…
CD locations – they’re out there somewhere. Here’s where the rare species of Crimea singles have been spotted lately: York’s Track Records have everything bar the album, HMV on the East side of Oxford St, London has all three singles (cheers forum dude) and if you’re near Wild Cat Records in York they’ve got The Great Brain Robbery for a fiver. Woohoo for cheap Crox plugs albums.

SXSW 2004, or What I Did on My Winter Vacation
At B. D. Riley’s:
The Crimea – The great thing about B D Riley’s is you can stand on the street and watch the band from mere inches away through the open window, which I much preferred to having my wrist frisked for (gasp) authenticity of my wristband by the paranoid (bar owner?) before entering the bar. And the Crimea put on a great show, from what I remember of watching their Phil Lynott-clone lead guitarist. B+

Review and photo taken from Tom Hofer’s website at

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