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Tragedy RocksI was gonna I tell you about a review of the album here, but I notice I already have so… here’s something I just found on Google. Seems have got hold of the album, or rather they’re shipping them in from the USA. I don’t know what the hell’s up with that, though I did hear rumors of proper releases in countries other than England before the album was available here. But hey, great news for you American fans. Visit for their US site and get the album for $15.99 inc. shipping. It’s got a nice little bio of the band too, and I’m sure I’ve seen that somewhere else aswell. Can’t find it anywhere though so just click More to read it. And don’t you English fans go getting too excited about the price, once you add ?5 airmail, you’re better off just buying a signed copy. Darn. Found it. The bio’s from the Wanadool comp site. Which reminds me, we ain’t got no bloody chanceEDIT: My, my. The US thing wasn’t a one off. also have it, and you can listen to some clips of a few tracks too.
Alright, maybe it’s just not the US. I should really have though this post through a little better before I started… Some other country’s website ( anyone?) has got them… *looks at main page instead of just album review* :o O all over the bloody shop… anyway, the site’s called The Screenagers and it’s all about the “muzyczny” in “Europy!” written by a guy called “Koala”. Hehehe… They’ve got a review of Tragedy Rocks here, a biography here, a review of the Windmill gig with pics here, and all I understand of it is a kickass 9/10 red stars. I’ll steal their stuff and post it on the site later, possibly with a translation if someone helps out.

The Crimea Biography

Bon Scott was right. It’s a hell of a long road to the top if you wanna rock’n'roll. Just ask The Crimea.

Formed in the summer months of 2002 with two ex-Crocketts (scraggly punkers reared on chaos and confusion) and an eight track machine, The Crimea began life in Plaistow – London’s Hamburger Hill. Fueled by the disease-ridden streets, populated by knife-wielding hooded youths, the vision slowly took shape. It was an exploration into the dark recesses of love and lust; a journey on intricately woven guitar and piano lines to the center of frontman Davey Macmanus’s warped cranium. Dusty Springfield, Leonard Cohen, The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and the Pixies all spring to mind, but they would – it’s forward thinking, imaginative, boundary pushing and classic.

Tours with Kings Of Leon, Travis, Primal Scream, Stereophonics, Dashboard Confessional and other mere mortals have seen the band forge a die-hard following. Three singles have come, left an indelible mark on pop’s landscape and disappeared into the hearts of thousands. Lottery Winners On Acid, White Russian Galaxy and Baby Boom all got salivated over by various Radio 1, Radio 2 and XFM DJ’s. Baby Boom even made no. 8 of John Peel’s festive fifty. The White Stripes and their Seven Nation Army failed to invade the top ten.

Awards and plaudits have come thick and fast – The Pop Factory (Wales’s own Top Of The Pops) gave them a ‘best new band’ gong in 2003, The Independent have flagged them up as ones to watch in 2004 and Big Cheese put Macmanus over three pages of a fashion spread.

And there’s more. Powered by the band’s debut album (scheduled for March 2004), Texas and the South By Southwest Music Festival is the first stop on a global assault. Ireland will fall soon after. And then? Well, who knows? It might have taken almost two years to get this far, but it’s been five lifetimes-worth of preparation and they ain’t finished yet by a long shot. On rock’s big highway, this particular juggernaut is set to run and run.

Bio taken from the Townsend Records website here, though I’m sure it’s orginally from elsewhere…

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  1. thegirlwhoknowseverything says:

    .pl –> poland my lovely

    maybe, i say maybe i would even know someone who could translate it

    now you just have to guess who i am, i’ll give you a clue, you think i know everyone (hey even people from Poland!)


  2. Christopher says:

    I would’ve asked for your help by name but i figured you would anyway. And you’re the only person who calls me your "lovely" :o \ where’s poland?

  3. Denyer says:

    Literal translation via

    I’ll take a stab at a more interpretive reading in a minute… I could also probably find someone to translate, or you could just email them and ask. Chances are their English is better than that of most people we know…

    * * *

    Young and aggressive editorial wsp??pracowniczka Screenagers, in order to speed up appearance certain review, for trick decide run away (resort). Can not count on personal initiative leading, it has covered dictaphone in jacket, then it has managed for its (his) cabinet. Koala You have come regarding definitely The Crimea.

    Katie: When rembrandt has brought known in 1642 year for image (offense) today Fransa Cocqa as ? guard night ?, it has heard supposedly, that captain of police in amsterdam for him (it) non-paid broken (fractured) guilder and it has been thrown out along with work for doors. Some hundreds are recognized (regard) lat (summer; year) this image (offense) later too example utilization technique light and shade effects arcygenialny, it is admired by millions, but otherwise, it is not possible to call rembrandt than great artist.

    Koala: But well < goods (right) >, has what common with great painter known group but not enough (little)?

    Katie: It walks about it me, that the same history can be occurred boys with (from) generally The Crimea, can not find which (who) for their editions of (issues of) materials eager, same have get down too. Effect is amazing. Sometime you had certitude, that here, you listen to this plate (disc) exactly, which (who) will make a stay on constant (solid) in your player, in your heart? If necessary it has been occurred me exactly such ? ? Tragedy Rocks.

    Koala: Several such plates (discs) were last year ? debut * Stellastarr if (or) media 21. Do not overestimate you but if The Crimea?

    Katie: Not necessarily. There is this package in my opinion it 11 songs, there was fairest in music last that lat (summer; year). It about two plate (disc) faces, dynamic scrap consist on one, on second (other) lyrical, quiet songs.

    Koala: Exactly. Belated impression causes already opening album ? ? classic White Russian Galaxy britpopowego, however, direct associating (joining) is not with that from this period group so simple (easy) already. I do not know < Self-service store >, that pleases me in this composition most. These drums from spontaneous refrenu? With (from) seducing piano sounding melancholijnie zwrotki? It easily hoarse as well as integrating everything wokal? But it start of plate (disc) only, truth?

    Katie: But that prefer for it! But that fairest, then, < sweat > have next with characteristic already right now < pestilence > ? lyrical ? countrywoman boom ? asa, dreamy, guitar riffem and taking over (concern), nostalgic wokalem. It does not lower work of number from tone three also. From start more wyciszony, it is finished real waterfall of guitar and percussion. It are wanted to sing don …And if you just get it, raise your hand. Tango miserabilist.

    Koala: So, it decadent tango most, last time < last > I heard that. To be on this performance not want. We obtain dose of vibration on luck right now < pestilence >, however, as it has agreed to group The Crimea, there will not be good vibrations.

    Katie: You tell that ! Chwytliwe And combative runs to ear (ear) ? ? at once Bad Vibration, it is possible to hum wholesale with vocalist completely Feel the, feel the pain, feel the bad vibration.

    Koala: I prefer ? ? Lottery Winners Acid. I envisage gay (cheerful) two listening to him (it), inserted persons easily, measuring city niezdarnie. It will suffice (will enough) to listen text. Besides, it on it next proof, that talent has for writing of combative song The Crimea.

    Katie: So, group advises in spontaneous scrap excellently. Fine sounds and they act in (to) motive ? ? completely hawajski Lottery Winners Acid koja;co, just as delicately ? countrowe Howling At The Moon. ?.

    Koala: It belongs to my favorite fragments of plates (discs) it last Skandowany refren. However, it songs present it without doubting about not it album wyja;tkowos’ci. You know, I say about that, you listened to yet ? ? Opposite Ends about lost relationship (association) tell history – it daring. History tell pictorial so and expressively, that really, I can envisage, that felt author of this text.

    Katie: What with (from) but Isobel? It think about also her (it). She (it) must feel something too. What judge you about end but ? ? Tragedy Rocks?

    Koala: Remember you from mid-year ninetieth? You remember this full swing, epic work to excellent manner boot bow crowning they (their) plate (disc)? You remember bar ? italy ? pulp ? ? Over Our Bodies Longpigs? Such is exactly ? ? Out Of Africa. I know, that for example, I will return to it (him) 10 lat (summer; year) too.

    Katie: I agree completely.

    Koala: One it else ?, we said about that, become (stay) between we?

    Katie: But certainly < obvious >.

  4. Denyer says:

    [Apologies, because I may have badly mangled many of the meanings here. I'm guessing on a lot of the context and trying to get the gist, but you can tell just from the raw Poltran translation that Katie is wonderfully descriptive in her use of language. "Sometime you had certitude, that here, you listen to this plate (disc) exactly, which (who) will make a stay on constant (solid) in your player, in your heart? If necessary it has been occurred me exactly such ? ? Tragedy Rocks" is absolutely lovely, for example. The comparison with Rembrandt is also doubtless far more profound than I've managed to do any justice to, and this is definitely my favourite review of the album I've read.]

    * * *

    In order to get this review posted quicker, we recorded a conversation to dictaphone and typed it later.

    Koala: You’re here to talk about the Crimea?

    Katie: When Rembrandt became known in 1642 year for his painting of Fransa Cocqa in "The Night Watch", it was rumoured that the captain of police in Amsterdam did not pay him for it, and it was thrown out. Hundreds of years later, it was found to demonstrate fine use of light and shading, it is admired by millions, (???) and it is not possible to call Rembrandt anything other than a great artist.

    [Here's a link to an image of the painting: -- apparently the understanding of this painting completely changed over time. It was discovered as a dark painting (and named "The Night Watch" because of this) but when examined closely and the varnish removed, it was found to be far brighter and much more magnificent. ]

    Koala: Okay, but what has the great painter got in common with this little-known group?

    Katie: I think a similar story is the case for the boys from the Crimea, (???). The effect is amazing. Have you ever been certain, when you listen to an album, that it will stay in your heart as well as your record player? Tragedy Rocks is a record like that for me.

    Koala: There were several such albums last year — Stellastarr or Media 21. Are you sure you aren’t overestimating the Crimea?

    Katie: I don’t think so. This 11 song package is as good as any of that year’s music. It has different sides to it; it’s dynamic, and it’s quiet and lyrical.

    Koala: Exactly. Wait, the album’s starting… White Russian Galaxy is classic britpop — however, it can’t be labelled as simply or straightforwardly as that. I don’t know what I like about this composition the most. The spontaneity of the drum fills? The seductive and melancholy piano? The hoarse vocals which pull everything together? But that’s only the start of the album, right?

    Katie: But that’s good! Let’s concentrate on another part of the songs now — the lyrics. Baby Boom is a dreamy, guitar filled and slightly nostalgic song. It goes on to be just as good in track three, too. From start to finish it’s a real waterfall of guitar and percussion. It makes you want to sing along "…And if you just don’t get it, raise your hand" on The Miserabilist Tango.

    Koala: So, it’s a decadent tango. You don’t want to be part of that dance. We get a dose of good luck vibes now, though, as The Crimea have decided there will not be good vibrations.

    Katie: You can tell that! You can hear it straight away; the first time listening to Bad Vibrations, it’s possible to hum along with the singer: "Feel the hurt, feel the pain, feel the bad vibrations."

    Koala: I prefer "Lottery Winners On Acid." I envisage two cheerful people listening to him, and when they’re listening to the song it’s about their own relationship. You just have to listen to the words. Besides, as they prove, the Crimea have a talent for writing more controversial songs.

    Katie: So, the group gives good advice to act spontaneously. Fine sounds and they have good motives. (???) Lottery Winners On Acid, just as delicately as Howling At The Moon.

    Koala: It’s one of my favorite parts of the album, that last one. However, it doesn’t quite seem to fit with the rest of the album. You know, talking about that, have you listened to Opposite Ends? It’s about the history of a lost relationship. The history is told in images and so expressively I can really envisage what the writer of the song felt.

    Katie: What about Isobel? It’s also about her. She must feel something too. What do you think about the end of Tragedy Rocks?

    Koala: Do you remember from the mid-90s? You remember bands would give us a epic work to crown off their albums? You remember Bar Italia by Pulp or Over Our Bodies by The Longpigs? Out Of Africa is one of those type of songs. I know that I’ll come back to this in ten years’ time, just like I have to them.

    Katie: I agree completely.

    Koala: (???)

    Katie: Of course!

  5. Denyer says:

    Really short version: as you’ve already observed, they really liked the album!

  6. Christopher says:

    yeah i stopped reading after "Young and aggressive editorial wsp??pracowniczka Screenagers" and lwoa being something about graham norton.

    i’d delete it all and wait for a proper translation but hell it’s funnier than i’ll ever be.

  7. Christopher says:

    and they complained about it being called just "britpop" :rolleyes:

    ooo there is a proper translation. how about the other two reviews now?

  8. Denyer says:

    I’d certainly be curious to see how close I came…

  9. Denyer says:

    First, FFS don’t take me trying to piece together stuff as a proper translation.

    Er, other stuff… the gig review… I think it’s mostly more a general impression of the UK type of thing. Zbyszek is commenting on how after a year he hasn’t found much science work and hasn’t learnt much of the language. Paweł is saying he doesn’t see himself staying, either, there’s a big gap between bank work and restaurant jobs and he’s seen enough of London. Then you’ve got the actual review…

    Koala says everything was simpler in Poland and London crushes him with its busyness. This was the second time he’s seen the Crimea, and Davey’s become a genuine showman. He asks whether it’s easy to be weird, and I think he goes on to say that the performance comes from the heart. The band were crammed into a small space. Music executed spontaneously and with passion, and there’s no group like them in Poland, apparently.

  10. Denyer says:

    Right… the other review. Seems to be written in more formal grammar, so the translator gives us a bit more to work on… I think most of the details are researched from this site.

    * * *

    Everything back with the demise of the former band. Near the end of 2001, V2 decided to slim their roster and threw 23 of 60 groups out onto the pavement. Amongst these was Davey MacManus of the Crocketts. Some musicians would give up after such an unexpected blow. After going to Japan with the Stereophonics, Owen Hopkins has come to work with Davey. (Something about shelf-stacking in Sainsburys.) Already a few months later, the two decided to set up a new group. After writing some songs and with several acoustic gigs under the stage name Kernel, 2002 saw the birth of a proper group, the Crimea. (List of members and instruments.) First release LWOA, new member Julia Parker on lead guitar. New publishing house for WRG. Some words of recognition and appreciation from radio stations, managed to get support slots with Travis & Stereophonics, play a few festibals. Chance of commercial success. Julz left near the end of 2003, replaced with Andy. Third single BB, well-regarded in new talent category and the ITV Wales awards thing. First album now released, special edition of 200 copies. Playing mostly to small audiences, many long-term fans (can’t work out what the next bit means.) Who deserves their five minutes of fame more than the Crimea? They deserve comment. I’ve done my bit, over to you!

  11. Denyer says:

    Er, that should read "Everything begins with"… sorry.

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