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Disclaimer: The Crocketts are not The Crimea (and if you believe your mates you’ll be bloody pleased about it). A decent Crimea biography is here, come back in about 4.5 days for a proper one.
Spin Magazine Online have posted a little about their thoughts on the SXSW festival, and include a short bit about The Crimea. Click here or on More to hear it.
If you’re like me and wondering if that e-mail link on the CD page really is to the band then – it sure is. Go send Owen some fan mail :o ) And um.. mystery solved. They sent some albums over to the US for sale, seeing how there’s a few fans over there. If you see anywhere else selling it in the states, let me know.
To finish with, I’ve seen posts on this message board about The Crimea for over a year on cashed Google pages. Seems to be for loads of A&R type people but the posts had always been deleted before I viewed them. Not anymore. I’ve gone through them all and written out the best bits in the extended More section. It’s mainly good, but what the hell is it with The Crocketts? Gives me even more of a reason to keep plugging the band, really. The music industry sucks.
And because some idiot in those messages said all the bripop bands were crap, and cos i’m on the subjects of non-crimea bands, and cos Sleeper just kickass, go find Bedside Manners and Blazer Sleeves by them on some illegal download site. They’re britpopowego :o D

What tickled the SPIN staff at SXSW:
Doug Brod, Executive Editor
The Crimea: Only a band with a strong constitution could suffer through the announcement of “last call” during their set and then have to finish as the house lights went up. But this London band managed to stun the crowd with their skewed post-Pixies soft/hard/soft rock sprinkled with sci-fi-mod keybs. Singer Davey MacManus, who was obviously in his own world, looked and sounded like a man possessed and ended up in collapsing into the drum kit.

Taken from Spin Magazine’s website here.

Wanting to continue that brilliant thread below on Crimea and Music Media industry. Well done Pot Boiler and others. Some more questions for you and everyone…..

Name: Don, Nov/27/2003 22:52:48 [DST]
Is it really the case that Athlete are seen as credible by the UK music media as you say. Who is this media? Radio 1? NME? (no – they hardly rated Athlete). Non music, Mainstream media/journalists who supported it?
Sony have Coral, Virgin The Thrills, Warners the two Longs. OK – the latter not the same but I think your media point re XL, Parlophone is more aimed at BMG than Sony/Warners?
How did we get to a situation that big songs and melodies with depth and intelligent lyrics “don’t fit into any scene”? That they are less likely to get signed. Jesus.
Where would be without (late) Beatles, Floyd, The Smiths, The Cure, Placebo, Coldplay (and even early Radiohead). Did any of these ever fit into a scene at the time?
It’s all about fashion and what’s hot, garage today, queen-esque fun rock tomorrow but surely without visionary a&r to find the longlasting melody with substance articles we are doomed. Can no-one step out and see this with Crimea. Is it maybe the managers that can but A&R bosses that have their hands tied.
Scarily enough, if you take my examples above of previous greats, they were all started by independents or Parlophone (OK – Hut semi independent lets say) so perhaps indeed you are right. Sadly indies can’t do today whay they could years ago

Just read Pot Boiler below. He or she is missing the mark. If The Crimea have a problem, it’s not with the media. – wishing i was theirs, Nov/28/2003 00:34:11 [DST]
Remember The Darkness had a press pack as thick as the Guinness Book of Hit Singles before they had a single major record or publishing offer (but they didn’t have the NME). I know, I’ve got it here somewhere.
The Crimea’s pitch is that they have every worthwhile DJ in the country behind them from Zane to Jonathan Ross to Jo Whiley and the support of A list bands like Kings of Leon, Travis, Stereophonics, Coldplay (but they don’t have the NME).
If that’s true, breaking The Crimea would not be hard going for a decent record label. Not just XL, Heavenly, Parlophone but V2, Virgin, East West, Sony… They’ve done the hard work already.
Besides, I’m sure Sony thought The Raveonettes would be plain sailing. Ditto Mercury with The Rapture. Ditto Polydor with The Yeh Yeh Yehs. If I were a major, I’d rather have The Crimea than any of those bands right now, even with gold albums under their belts, because I can see no way forward for them.

Pot Boiler, Nov/28/2003 11:52:06 [DST] [12]
Stop kidding yourelf that quality will win through in the end. Because broadly speaking, it won’t. In a world where a short stint in jail and an assumed drug habit can sell you two nights at The Forum; great songs, soul and talent count for very little. And so it remains unlikely that The Crimea will get signed or win through.

wishing i was theirs, Nov/28/2003 12:21:44 [DST] [10]
You must have had a really bad time to be as pessimistic as this.
What on earth makes you think the broadcast media will say those things about The Crimea? Despite having no record deal and not fitting in to the current or previous trend, they’ve got all the key specialist DJs on board. Which is particularly remarkable as everything I’ve heard that they’ve released has sounded like a (pretty good) home demo (EDIT: cos they bloody are…). Record them properly, get a budget behind the releases, and you’re away.
True, the NME don’t seem interested in them yet, but what on earth makes you think this matters when they weren’t interested in The Darkness, Coldplay, Stereophonics, Travis?

I should’a seen this coming…

a manager writes, Nov/28/2003 13:39:45 [DST]
And When the cream floats to the top, ie Hundred reasons, the shit sinks to the bottom, ie the Crocketts, . Doves/coldplay. Terris/Travis, King Adora/Muse Oasis/Gene. This is, after all, a small island with little room for both.


Joe Taylor, Nov/28/2003 13:39:00 [DST] [5]
For the sake of clarity, I publish The Crimea (ED: it’s true) and I’m also one of the moderators of this board. Sorry to anyone who’s getting sick of them being discussed – I’m not entirely comfortable with it either, but free speech and all that…
Just to answer your point re. The Crimea on the radio, I gather John Peel played them last night for the umpteenth time, as have Colin Murray, Zane Lowe, Jo Whiley, Jonathan Ross, Captain America on Virgin, plus regionals. A while back they had a 10 track demo – every track has now been played on either XFM or Radio 1.

The Crimea: What is the story here? Have the industry lost their minds? Have you heard their single?

Name: Dodgy C., Nov/25/2003 00:48:14 [DST]
Who are the brains behind this band because they are one of the few brains we have! Have nothing at all to do with them but anyone with half an ear an eye can see their brilliance.
Sort it people and start backing the obvious, not the nonsense I could list hear who have just been signed. It doesn’t matter if everyone you think knows them, 99.9% of people don’t – come out of your shell. Seize the opportunity and inject emotive powerful rock back on our stations.
And don’t say I told you so. If I had a million…

Pot Boiler, Nov/25/2003 11:30:34 [DST] [6]
The Crimea are a great band with a brilliant song writer at their helm, but they don’t fit into any neat box that the media can accomodate, they have intelligence in their work and this has, for many years, been a real stumbling block for the media; and at their melodic heart they are potentially mass market and this probably proscribes them from the mass media in Britain. ( yes I know that it’s ironic) I think that the only labels that could break The Crimea today are, XL, Parlophone, maybe Heavenly, or perhaps an Alan McGee connection. Why ? Because these labels have personal clout with the media, sizeable budgets for marketing and are seen as being “all knowing”.

but can they? – jellybean, Nov/25/2003 20:55:21 [DST] [2]
>>”All they have to do is continue to get on with it and sooner or later they will do a Damien Rice or a David Gray or a Darkness.”
Not every band can do this though. A band at the Crimea’s level wouldn’t make that much money (if any at all) from their music. They need to find money from somewhere just to survive. This is the sad point about bands with intelligent music, they eventually give up, to get a ‘proper’ job. (ED: aye, like that one in sainsburys…)

Unfortuntely THe Crimea find it hard to shake off the fact they were once The Crocketts…. – botter, Nov/25/2003 12:17:12 [DST] [3]
Who were never deemed “cool” and often slagged off in the press etc. C’est la vie. (ED: And that means they weren’t good? oo.. ang on, just read the next post. seems it does.)

If that’s true, it’s a real shame. I personally loathed The Crocketts, but I have a lot of time for The Crimea… – furious c, Nov/25/2003 12:58:51 [DST]
It would be nice to think that The Crockets was long enough ago and their success so little that it’s an irrelevance.
The front guy’s songwriting and musical ambition seem to have grown hugely. Good lyrics and a great voice too, which so many new bands seem to lack. Three lovely singles so far, hope they get the chance to do a (decently produced) album.

I sometimes wonder if anyone actually listened to any Crocketts singles or if someone handed round aload of early Cheeky Girls demos with The Crocketts on the cover.

Well, how were The Koreans & Crimea last night?

enjoyed The Crimea, they have a lot of potential – anon, Jun/19/2003 16:03:53 [DST] [18]
(sorry missed the others)
Crimea certainly have strong songs and the ability to play them well.
I wasn’t sure if they’re really ready as a live band though. The singer is the only one really ‘giving it’ on stage and sometimes the rest of the band seemed like a hinderance to him.
The female guitarist is excellent yet looked embarrassed at being under attention. no need – she’s great and truly accomplished female guitarists are a rare and special commodity. some one needs to help boost her confidence. (ED: you heard em julz. do what the moldy peaches do and dress as a bunny. ain’t no one ever said they look embarrassed)
I never thought I’d see the day when I’d say it, but I do have to say that they looked awful. I wouldn’t advise foisting a stylist on a band like that but they could certainly put more though into that side of things.
Apart from those little gripes I’m sure they have every chance of being ‘stayers’

My name is Jones and… – Mr Jones, Jun/20/2003 08:22:54 [DST] [2]
In my opinion, Crocketts were great and I do not think Crimea will reach those heights. (EM: I’m in love with a man called jones :o )

Re: Crocketts were great. He always knew how to write great songs but why should this succeed when Crocketts did not? – anon, Jun/20/2003 11:16:14 [DST] [6]
Im sorry are we missing a really fundamental floor here??
The Crocketts were quite incredible live thats a fact, I doubt few would argue..and both Davey and Owen are really ace guys BUTTTT…they didn’t actually ever write any killer tunes! The Crimea are the Crocketts tuneless songs without the incredible live performance. I doubt Joe Taylor would agree but the guy is clinically deaf!!! Yes everyone at radio might be saying how great they are but who is ever going to slag of Owen!! (ED: that one’s for you mr O :o )
Sorry but their rubbish!!! And we’ll see them walk onto the playlist if everyone loves them! Nor not as the case might be

Wow that’s the most “acid tripping” incoherent message ever. And anyway…. – Big bear, Jun/20/2003 13:10:34 [DST] [4]
The Crockets were fun live but actually only ever had one good song wheras The Crimea have a set full of glorious melodies and lyrics and Davey has the space to be a star. If they get produced by someone like Trevor Horn or Hugh Goldsmith in a kind of ABC / Peter Gabriel style, they will be massive.

Followed directly by..

The Crocketts had a whole album of corkers. (NM) – skinny and wirey, Jun/20/2003 16:37:00 [DST]

I think I’ll leave it there. Crock on, kids.

Messages tirelesly taken from this message board’s archives.

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  1. Denyer says:

    Yeah, CDBaby are great… independent stockists who deal directly with artists. Actually, if you supply your own jewel case, international air mail isn’t too expensive. =)

  2. Denyer says:

    > The Crockets were fun live but actually only ever had one good song

    I do have an inkling of where they’re coming from, because I think they’re referring to "Will You Still Care"… it took me a long time after first seeing the band to track down CDs and be introduced to other material by friends ("Frog On A Stick" and "Lucifer" in particular, after picking up the Nintendo Fallacy EP.)

    Still, it just goes to show that people in the industry are as quick to prejudge as your average teenager.

  3. Christopher says:

    I thought exactly the same thing. Kerrang gives it some press, and what was mainly a thread about how the press shouldn’t control how a band is seen turns into "Kerrang says – We believe".

  4. Christopher says:

    and the irony is, people are saying they hate the crocketts and love the crimea when in so many ways, the crimea are the crocketts.
    Disclaimer: The Crocketts are not The Crimea. A decent Crimea biography is here, come back in about 3.5 days for a proper one. ahh so much irony :o \
    i mean, did i imagine opposite ends? are dan and rich not on the album cover? they’ve virtually taken songs from tgbr and re-written the lyrics in some songs, how lwoa is lyrically better than crox stuff when it has the same line for the verses with one word changed every now and again and a two line chorus, when something like a pity youth doesnt last has something near 100+ seperate words, and i dunno where to start with "tuneless". you could almost have two people arguing the crimea/crox are better based on one song, were it’s exactly the same song they’re arguing over.
    they’re all fucking crazy. now how many crox plugs can i get in before the new site…

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