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Mailing ListReally short notice show by The Crimea
Click [More] for gig info. PPPS The voting’s over. We lost. You Suck. (luv ya really).

Sent : 14 April 2004 15:30:12
Subject : Really short notice show by The Crimea

Hey hey

just a quick one to let you know we’re in Manchester tomorrow (Thursday 15th
April) with American emo heroes The Get Up Kids. We think the show’s at the
University’s MDH hall – it’s either that or the Uni’s Hop And Grape venue.

We’ve done a few shows with them in London so far. We’re really sorry for
not letting anyone know, but they were completely sold out ages ago. Anyway,
it’s been going well.

That’s it. That’s the end of the most underwhelming Crimean mail-out ever.
Ho hum.

The Crimea

PS The album’s still available to buy – check for details.
PPS We’re also still in some pony ‘Battle Of The Bands’ thing on Freeserve.
If anyone can be arsed voting, please go to and follow the
instructions. We appreciate all the effort people have gone to vote already.
Some mind-boggling rules are apparently scuppering the cream from rising to
the top. Oh well. That’s allegedly what you get when people try to up page
impressions and get more advertising money *cough*.

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  1. Shanti the Truimphant, the All Merciful may Her name be Praised says:

    Hey, me votey a few times, me look at da site – vot more do you vant from me, BLOOD?!?

    Cool redesign, all I can say is the other bands must have friends and family members in care homes w/free net access and thus won the vote.

    N’, I mean Freeserve is not a name people associate with hardocre rock n’roll!

    Funny old game!

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