Joined The Mailing List?

If you’ve singned up to the mailing list since I stuck the new form up on the main page, then please add a little reply to this post (apart from the guy who joined while it said “TEST – DO NOT USE”. you might wanna sign up again). I just want to make sure I’m not filling up Owen’s inbox with spam.

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10 Responses to “Joined The Mailing List?”

  1. xxx says:

    I did…what did I do wrong?!

  2. Christopher says:

    err.. nothing. unless you’re the one who signed up during the "do not use" period, in which case it’s kinda self explanatory. it’s just forms like that are pretty open to spam abuse, and if there’s loads of‘s signing up then i should do something about it. so i’m doing a head count to make sure the number of people who’ve signed up really are actual people.

  3. Amy's Chris says:

    errr, if u can wait till im a little less busy i can try and update the signup thingy so it won’t be as easy to spam, i do things like validate email addys and stuff.. thats if u want.

  4. xxx says:

    cool…spams a bitch

  5. Christopher says:

    sure. if there’s really only 1 person signed up then mr owen’s getting spamed like…err.. something that gets spamed alot…

  6. dave church says:

    i guess i better post here then

  7. xxx says:

    Dave Church as in Petes brother?

  8. dave church says:

    yes i’m afraid so, though i’m hopeful of proving one of us was adopted soon

  9. Shanti says:

    What’s red and gray and splashes everywhere?
    A zombie baby playing in a puddle of brains.

    Sign me on, please…

  10. xxx says:

    Thats my Boyfriend your talking about!!! cool…howz Oz?

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