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It’s not like I want to mention the V word much around here, but stranegly enough Virgin have a review of The Crimea on one of their websites. And, rather unbelievably, they like them. It’s a year old but it’s worth the read just for the comedic value, here’s the review of the Barfly Virgin Louder gig on June 18th 2003, or click More if you’d rather not turn to the dark side.

Wed, 18 Jun 2003

Two years ago, cow-punk cult heroes The Crocketts disintegrated under record company pressure and the madness brought on by five years of living by hapless Spinal Tap keyboardist Viv Savage?s edict of having a good time all the time. Now, singer Davey Macmanus and drummer Owen Hopkin have returned with a brand new outfit, The Crimea, and, it?s safe to say, resurrections have never sounded sweeter than this.

Lottery Winners On Acid, the John Peel fave and first single, gets tossed out first. It?s a bold move, but a testament to the strength of the other songs they?ve amassed thus far. Davey, as always, is the consummate frontman. The natural focal point, he commands the room?s attention, throwing out poetic lyrics with a gorgeous, cracked vocal. Behind him, Owen pounds the kit to a pulp while aussie wunderkind Julia Parker peels out mesmerising guitar line after mesmerising guitar line. If there is a finer guitar player in the country, they?re yet to step forward and stake their claim.

Throughout their set, the packed house laps up the band?s re-construction of Dusty Springfield?s symphonic pop, dEUS, Eels and The Flaming Lips? skewed take on rock and Leonard Cohen?s dark underside. It?s a baffling mixture that shouldn?t make sense on paper but in reality, and tonight, it leaves everyone wondering why someone hasn?t done it before.

Isobel, the band?s tour de force crowns the set, the ?thunk? of jaws hitting the floor threatening to drown the venue?s PA. As the last few notes ring out and die, Davey walks off-stage, utterly drained by the relatively short forty minute set. Similarly, the crowd file out of the venue, a tangible sense of awe filling Barfly?s cramped hallways.

Best new band in Britain, then? No question. See you at Wembley next year ? we?ll be down the front.

Review from Virgin Louder’s website here.

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