Adam Walton Interview MP3s

All the MP3s of the interview The Crimea did on Radio Wales a week ago are now up on the downloads page. The original one hour interview has been split into five parts (by the wonderful Mr Denyer) for ease of download and to chop out the songs played inbetween. It’s a really interesting interview with Davey and Andy N talking about their SXSW trip, producing the album, lyrical influences and much more. I’m currently trying to finish a transcript of the show to help out anyone with really slow connection speed/no speakers.

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12 Responses to “Adam Walton Interview MP3s”

  1. Denyer says:

    Page’d look a little neater if the single clips column was the same width as the other insert boxes…

    If anyone hasn’t listened to the interview yet, I strongly recommend doing so. Not only is it interesting content-wise, all three of them sound as if they actually want to be there. Much better than most band interviews I’ve heard.

  2. christopher says:

    i thought it gave it a kinda arty columny look personally :o S
    if it goes bigger then it ends up with loads of big brown empty areas in it.

  3. Hoochie coochie says:

    this is the only good use of brown on a website I’ve ever seen… ;-)

  4. christopher says:

    aaahhh see denyer, i’m a design god :o D

  5. xxx says:

    Didnt actually see the work ‘God’ mentioned…all this time you’ve been spending with computers has sent you delerious state of self love…

  6. xxx says:

    ‘has sent you into’ that should have been…pesky computers making me look like a retard…

  7. Hoochie coochie says:

    getting into a delirious state of self-love is surely the main function of the web…?!?

  8. Denyer says:

    I’d call it maroon, personally…

  9. jon says:

    i saw this thing on itv the other week saying that if she played with her then shes probably keen

  10. xxx says:

    yea, huge puddles of self-love…looks like im not the only one who cant type on a puter…’jon’ missed out the work ‘hair’ unless he was implying that she was playing with something else…

  11. Christopher says:

    oi oi mr jon stop confusing me with streets lyrics rah

  12. Denyer says:

    Have to admit, I actually rather like that song if it’s the one I’m thinking of…

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