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Comepetition? Weyhey I need a decent rucksack :o D I can like, put CDs and stuff in it, and take them places :o ) Click [More] to read, click here to buy.

Sent : 18 May 2004 00:43:52
Subject : FW: Gigs ‘n’ competitions – The Crimea style

hey Hey

Just a not-so-quick one. We’ve been holding off on mailing you because we
were waiting for some special news which has so far failed to arrive. It’s
nothing to do with Andy S’s lengthy pregnancy and absolutely not about any
engagement plans Joe and Andy N might have. It’s more along the lines of
writing a Christmas card that gets you all sorts of presents at a
significant (but pleasurable) cost. You get the cryptic picture. Nothing’s
happened yet, but we expect it to. Soon. We can’t divulge any names lest we
jinx it. You’ve heard enough. Let’s move on.

Anyway, in celebration of this impending joyfulness, we’ve arranged a
headline gig in London. It’s at The Garage on June 18th. We’re headlining,
so come along. The power of Christ/Allah/Buddha/The Man From Del Monte etc.
compels you! You can get tickets here. Right now, like:

Phone: 0870 906 3777

We’ll also be hitting Aberystwyth the day after (the 19th, thickie!). Our
good friend Auriel is running an outdoor shindig at the Arts Centre. I think
we’re on about 8pm, so come along and get drenched by your own juices in
excitement. Or, more likely, the British summer. There’s also the Ash dates.
We’re first on, so if anyone’s going, we’ll be looking for mischief in the
bar after we finish.

We’ve also got a few goodies to give away from our good friends at Dakine.
They’ve given us a few pie-hot rucksacks to house our worldly possessions
when we’re on tour, but someone at the factory couldn’t count. THEY’VE GIVEN
US MORE THAN FIVE. That’s right – and keep it quiet – but we’re giving the
surplus away with Dakine hats and the t-shirts we didn’t want, as well as
signed sets of singles. Like that? DO YOU LIKE THAT? Of course you do,

We haven’t quite worked out how we’ll be doing the draw, but anyone who’s
bought an album off us will be automatically entered. If you’ve bought a
copy at one of the shows, please let us know by taking a picture of it (??)
or devising some other ingenious way of proving your purchase. There’ll
probably be some sort of Ash tour tie-in too, but we haven’t got that far,
either. For now, keep checking the website for details or *cough* buy an
album. [NB If that's completely illegal, take it to our lawyer. He's very
good and probably better than yours. Only joking. Let's be friends.].
Details on how to buy signed albums are on the wesbite:

That’s it for now. We’ll hopefully have great news soon.

Ho ho flippin’ ho.

The (impatient) Crimea

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  1. xxx says:

    The sheer genius of my picture should win this competition…

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