Gig Rescheduled & Site Update

Davey BioThe Crimea / Ash gig at Leeds University has been moved from 25th May to Tuesday 15th June. There’s a few tickets available online, but when I checked TicketLine they only had four left :o \. The gigs page has been updated to reflect the change. Appologies to all who miss out for some reason.
I’ve put up the first of a few biographys for Crimea band members. Davey’s is up first, and contains a quick history of the lead singer and a profile by Davey from Amy Wiseman. She got all the band members to fill one in during the Leicester gig a couple of weeks ago and they’ll all be appearing with each band member’s biography in the coming months. Click here to view Davey’s bio. If you have anything appropriate that could be added to the bios, e-mail in or leave a message somewhere on the site.

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4 Responses to “Gig Rescheduled & Site Update”

  1. joe shell says:

    ah feck

  2. xxx says:

    This isnt looking good…The Crimea not playing one of Ash’s gigs, one bieng moved…anything could happen by the time it gets to Bristol :’(

  3. Amy says:

    rar.,. i’m famous again :P
    joe’s bio is cool cos his eyes on the pic are holes he burnt out! artyyyy

  4. Amy says:

    oh.. and i shall be getting photos from the gig to you soooon too :D

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