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A review of The Crimea’s gig at The Garage, London on June 18th available via the CMU Online site (right at the bottom) or More.
Click Music has another review of the same gig, but their site’s a bit shit so you can’t read it. Just keep trying the link on their reviews page.
And there’s also one of the support gig for the Stereophonics at Shepherds Bush Empire on June 9th. Check out or More for that.
Acording to the links page I’ve not mentioned this before so… XFM reviewed White Russian Galaxy. Ages ago. And they didn’t like it. Enough, click More.

LIVE REVIEW: The Crimea at The Garage on 18 Jun
For those of you who don’t know, the Crimea were formed from the ashes of the Crockets, although this may not mean much to those who, like me, aren’t aware of this former incarnation. If I say that the Crimea are thoughtful, intelligent indie rockers some of you may run away screaming “Emo! No ! Ahhh!” or something along those lines. But wait – there is something very likeable and substantial about this band. Tonight they perform songs from their debut album ‘Tragedy Rocks’, bittersweet songs about relationships vividly conveyed by some imaginative lyrics. The evocative ‘Baby Boom’ runs, “We’re just a bunch of buffalo, Getting slaughtered, We’re all red Indians, We just love fire water.” Vocalist/guitarist Davey McManus is like indie rock’s very own Lee Evans, which is to say he’s like a hysterical kid with attention deficit disorder. He gazes wide eyed at the crowd, fidgeting constantly and salutes the crowd at the end of each song. The band have obviously accumulated a devoted following and I gather from the crowd’s reaction that some of the songs played are old Crockets’ favourites. I’m certainly convinced enough by tonight’s performance to seek out more material not only by the Crimea but by the Crockets too.

Review by JW for CMU Online.

Stereophonics   Shepherds Bush Empire 09/06/04

Shepherds Bush Empire was heaving to the rafters with 1700 or so fans and competition winners as we gathered for another exclusive Stereophonics ?Members Only? gig (one of two warm ups for the forthcoming Isle of Wight and Move festivals, but also in aid of children?s charity The Starlight Foundation).

Support act The Crimea gave an enlivened half hour performance, pogo-ing around the stage with a collection of catchy pop/punk tunes. Things deteriorated slightly as they went on, the songs becoming less upbeat and more monotonous. Luckily the crowd were in good form and gave them a good reception ? personally I wouldn?t buy the CD but I wouldn?t be surprised if we saw some more of them in the future, particularly with one of their openers of this evening. And the guitarists massive hair (a la a certain Mr Cable) and total lack of rhythm is something to be treasured.

Given rating of 10/10

Review by Haushinka for

The Crimea ?White Russian Galaxy? (Double Dragon)

The Crimea aka half of The Crocketts reincarnated ? did anyone miss them? ? sound a bit like The Thrills, but not as good. The melody is countrified pop – there?s glockenspiel, banjo, piano and the line ?you talk like a fish? which is a bit out of place on a track that takes itself rather too seriously to be very much fun.

Review by Jane McCormick Smith for XFM.

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