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Mailing ListDrinking T (and stronger stuff) with The Crimea
Broken vans and brollies. Yes, it’s festival time again. Click More to find out where the Crimea are gonna be playing.

Sent : 08 July 2004 19:45:05
Subject : Drinking T (and stronger stuff) with The Crimea

hey hey,

possibly one for our Northern friends this, but we’ll keep it entertaining
for the rest of you.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re playing T In The Park this weekend. If
anyone’s coming, please bring bottles of Buckfast and deep fried Mars bars
to the X Tent at 1.30 (in the afternoon… like, duh). That’s when we’ll be
giving the PA a pasting and showing Katy Melua who’s boss. We’re going to
take her down. Take her down to Chinatown (Strathclyde). The fabled big
green bus is sadly out of action. We’ll be there in a clapped out Transit.
Please stop when we’re on the hard shoulder, smoke billowing from the
engine, on Sunday night. We’re not joking.

We’ll be busy for the next couple of weeks doing bits of recording. After
that, we’ll be taking unpleasantness and general rowdy behaviour to the
well-heeled ‘V’ festival. We can’t remember which stage or times right now,
but we’re in Chelmsford on Saturday (21st Sugust), Stafford on Sunday (the
22nd). There’s also talk of a mini tour straight afterwards. We can’t say
much lest we jinx it, but it’ll be with one of our friends who talks a lot
in cars. Cryptic, like. There’s a good chance it won’t happen, but we’ll let
you know if it does.

C’est tout mes petit chou, hopefully see you in the mud-pit for Pink.

Strap on the rain coat, baby!

The Crimea

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5 Responses to “Mailing List”

  1. Denyer says:


    It’d be nice to be able to see the [More] . . .

  2. Christopher says:


    might not be too hard to do it on just the news page though :o )

  3. Denyer says:

    So you’re suggesting people should use a browser which interprets HTML you invented out of thin air, which has been blacklisted by broadsheet newspapers and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and remains the single biggest infection vector for nasty shit on the internet? :-P

    It only really makes much difference on the news page, anyway?where does the silver get introduced, anyway? Is it a left-over Greymatter insertion?

  4. Hoochie Coochie says:

    "which has been blacklisted by … the U.S. Department of Homeland Security"

    LOL, that’s the only GOOD reason I’ve ever heard for using IE!

  5. Denyer says:

    True… certainly wouldn’t trust ‘em an inch were they not responding to the trend for organised criminals to be directly involved in exploiting weaknesses in Microsoft internet proucts.

    Hmm. On-topic… recording? Sounds promising! :-)

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