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The Crimea are reviewed on the Tasty Fanzine site, and for once the line “sometimes they come across as more of a piss-take than the Darkness” wasn’t aim’d at them. Hit More.
After watching/listening to over 15 hours of T In The Park coverage, I can truthfully say The Crimea were nowhere to be seen. Maybe greater recognition is needed…
In which case, this years Kerrang Awards have come along just in time. Fill in their entry form before August 26th and then just add whoever you want (err… The Crimea…) to the best newcomer/band/album etc sections.

Ash + The Crimea
15.6.04 Leeds Met Uni

But first, as if we weren’t hot enough already, come The Crimea to try and get the crowd stewing for the main act. The missus, catatonically awaiting Ash, was unmoved by The Crimea. Shame, as there was a wit to the lyrics and a lovely variety in their delivery, backed up by the odd able tune despite the set’s occasional lapse in the humdrum. The audience’s failure to respond with anything like the energy and openness apparent on stage was disappointing, but they’re probably all here for a glorified sing-a-lone anyway. Christ only knows how the guitarist managed to get through that set without a bead of sweat appearing on his brow.

Review by Simon Wilson for Tasty Fanzine.

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  1. Amy says:

    vote for the Crimea for every award,… i did , cos they fit into every catorgory :D

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