Little Things

I did have alot of stuff to post a few days ago, but since then websites have been torn down, TV listing mags thrown away and computer files gone missing. So bear with me while I take you through a round up of the last weeks Crimea goings on, at least what I can remember…
V FestivalThere’s a tiny mntion of the band in this T In The Park review, saying The Crimea “proved to be one of the bands to watch out for in the coming year”.
Virgin Mobile Louder’s website has a page on The Crimea with a pic and bio to advertise their appearance at the V 2004 festival on August 21st and 22nd.
Last Monday, The Crimea’s Lottery Winners On Acid was used as background music on BBC1′s Real Story programme. The show was all about National Lottery winners who didn’t end up in the care-free world they probably should have.
*Tries to remember stuff* Ermm… the Carling Live site had some pics of The Crimea on. They don’t anymore. But I saved copies and they’ll be up here soon enough. And should have a review or something about The Crimea in their next issue, but their site’s all broke and stuff so I don’t really know. Sooo if you have any news/rumours/made up stories about The Crimea then send it in.

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  1. xxx says:

    I heard a story that after ther bristol gig with Ash, Owen has had problems forgetting this girl he was talking too…he was so over-whelmed by her that he just cant get her off his mind…strange thing is, Davy has had the same problme with this girls boyfriend!!…little crazy huh?!…wonder who they coulf have been?!!!

  2. Hoochie Coochie says:

    Mybe they’re Deltans off of Star Trek, and have irresistable pheromones that drive mere humans crazy?

    I really cannot think of any other explanation that doesn’t question the sanity of this post….

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