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Mailing ListFree show!!!/Compy winners/V fest and Charlotte’s bum (notes) – The Crimea
And the winner is…. Yup, you guesed it. Olli “Lucky Expletive” Macca. But wait, there’s more than one prize…

Full list of winners at end of letter.

Sent : 18 August 2004 20:43:08
Subject : Free show!!!/Compy winners/V fest and Charlotte’s bum (notes) – The Crimea

hey hey,

REALLY quick one this (but loads of news). Keep reading for news on a free
gig, V stage times, Dakine competition winners and a shameless plug.

We’re doing a warm-up for the V festival. It’s at Camden’s Barfly and it’s
absolutely free!!!. We play TOMORROW (Thursday 19 August). If you want to
come along, please e-mail back with your names and any gusts (we’ll stick
you on our list). If, for one reason or another, you can’t mail back – just
turn up no later than 7.30, catch one of us and we’ll put you on the door
there and then.

V is fast approaching (this weekend, actually) and we’re slowly getting
sorted for a barnstorming appearance. We’ll be here at these times:

Chelmsford (21 August) – Music Choice stage, 4.20pm
Weston Park, Stafford (22 August) – Music Choice stage… (you guessed it)

See you there hopefully.

Andy Norton (our guitarist) has also been doing a bit of moonlighting with
Charlotte from Ash. ‘Moonlighting’ as in work, not the Bruce Willis series
that saw him get it on with Cybil Shephard. Oh no. Anyway, if you catch
Charlotte doing any sort of session on radio, Andy will be the one hitting
bum notes in the background. Being serious briefly, Charlotte’s single
‘Summer’ is out this week and it’s brilliant – well worth a listen. The
album’s great as well.

Sorry for the delay, but we’ve finally done the Dakine draw (the one with
free rucksacks and t-shirts). The winners are below (we’ll be getting in
contact really soon).

We’ll wind up now as we’ve nothing more to say

See you soon

The Crimea

Rucksack goody bags winners

OS + OR Gaillemin
S R hewitt
Nikki Ibotson
A Yacoby (please mail us!)

Custom Jagermeister/Crimea t-shirt winners

PW + J Old
M Terry
D Hammond
L Woods
Oliver Levy
L W Fullick
A C Thomas
A R Edwards
C + MP Crook
A R Morgan (please mail us!)
A R Wiseman
D Patel
Ed Shaw
J P Hartley
R M Lockwood
O J Mcormack (please mail us!)
Guy Payne (please mail us!)
Stuart Denyer (please mail us!)
Jon Birch

Names with “(please mail us!)” after them are asked to email Owen Hopkin at for further details.

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7 Responses to “Mailing List”

  1. Aimz says:

    woo i won too :D i didn;t even know those t-shirts were part of the prizes for that comp..

  2. Denyer says:

    Cool! I’d best be off and mail Owen, then. =)

    Haven’t heard "Summer" yet, but "Kim Wilde" has convinced me to check out CH’s album… there’s an MP3 version available for d/load here:

  3. Christopher says:

    check the crox site for mp3s with andy on :o )

  4. Amy says:

    Some of the songs on Charlottes album are really good and others really poor. I’m a huge Ash / Charlotte fan but got a bit annoyed with parts of the album cos her vocals sound sooo high and fake and stuff. and i prefer the original version of Grey Will Fade. Having said that tho as i said, some of the tracks on that album are ace :)

  5. Denyer says:

    Alternately, Xfm have posted (fairly low-quality) streams of the entire album, direct-linked by that site you found. =)

    I love stream rippers. Sounds fabby. Going to go and get.

  6. Ally Heath (jon birch's friend) says:

    i hate jon birch

  7. Christopher says:

    >>i hate jon birch

    me too. what a plonker. he outbid me for some crox photos on ebay. well, technically not because i didnt bid, but only so i didnt drive the price up loads for him. cos i’m nice like that. :o \

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