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Mailing ListThe Crimea – getting it on with Jimmy, Media Players and America. Lovin’ it.
Errr well that about says it all. I’ll save my amusing comments for a later post… Hit More.

Sent : 24 September 2004 19:04:21
Subject : The Crimea – getting it on with Jimmy, Media Players and America. Lovin’ it.

Fockers, fockers, fockers,

what can we say about our general malaise in letting you know what’s going
down? How about this: It’s a shocking indictment of the youth of the today
and their laissez fair attitude (feel free to pilfer that statement if
you’ve just started a social studies degree).

Let’s start with the most pressing news. We’re doing a few shows with Jimmy
Eat World. Actually, we’ve already done one last night and are doing another
tomorrow. Tomorrow’s show (Saturday 25th September) is in Northampton
SOundhaus. We’re not sure if it’s sold out, but we do have a few spaces on
the guestlist up for grabs. If you fancy coming down without having to mug
your mum for the admission fee (actually, we’re sure it’s not that
expensive), please e-mail us back ASAP. Only two places per e-mail. We’ll
let you know before 2pm tomorrow if you’re on the list. We’re on at 8.

The other is our new Media Player. You can take a look at it by sticking
this in your pipe and smoking it:

It’s to publicise our first State-side release. If people in the UK are
interested in buying it, we’d recommend you hold your horses until we get
sent some copies and are able to save you some postage. Aren’t we nice?

There’s also a North American tour on the cards. In case anyone fancies
mugging Prince Charles for the air fair, we’ll be here on these dates:

12/10/04 TT The Bear’s, Boston (with The Dears)
13/10/04 Khyber Pass, Philadelphia (with The Bravery and VHS or Beta)
15/10/04 Museum Of TV And Radio, New York (live broadcast for KCRW between
12 and 3)
15/10/04 Plaid, New York (as part of CMJ)
16/10/04 Rothko, New York (Filter Magazine Party at CMJ)

If anyone’s about for any of these, let us know and we’ll try and sort out a
guestlist spot. We can’t promise anything for the CMJ dates, but you never

That’s all folks, as one of our labelmates has been known to say.

See you tomorrow or in America. Yee-flippin’-haw!

The Crimea

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