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Due to major spam abuse I’ve had to remove comment posting for archived news entries. You’ll still be able to post comments on the main news page entries, and read the ones left for archived ones, and it’s not like you ever posted comments for those anyway, so it’s no big deal…
Eventually I’ll get round to adding a newer ad-free message board for the site, as a replacement for the current ad-including one and the spam infested forum. If you know a simple to use forum you’d like on the site, then please leave suggestions by hitting the Comments button.
Appologies to anyone using the Firefox browser. Right now it seems this page is the only one properly compatible, but I promise I’m working on the others. Blame Microsoft for my incompetent web coding. Like you didn’t already.
I’m guessing it’s not just myself becoming annoyed with the LWOA pop-up on the main page. Complain in the comments and it’s gone.
And note the slight alteration to the below post, apparently the radio show is part of the CMJ Music Marathon. *Dies*.

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One Response to “Site Updates”

  1. Denyer says:

    What pop-up? I like Firefox. ;-)

    Makes the message-board and forum bearable too, although I think the forum’s basically been abandoned as too sprawling and full of subforums. I’d probably drop that link if I were you.

    I think tribbyBoard is a suitable threaded guestbook for your purposes — basically the same style as the current message board but easy to host on-site:

    I think a more complex forum would put off more people than it would attract.

    And I do blame MS for the bulk of shitty code on the net — not only is Internet Explorer’s stylesheet box model completely broken, it arbitrarily renders non-legal HTML…

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