LWOA EP Review

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The Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid EP

I have been waiting for this band my whole life.

There is no other way to start this review. I would usually try to insert a vignette in my first paragraph as a gradual introduction to the music. But as I listen to the first track on The Crimea?s Lottery Winners On Acid EP, I just kind of putter out meaningless syllables with a big, stupid smile on my face. I am hypnotized.

The Crimea were born out of The Crocketts who were signed and then dropped from British label V2 in 2001. Unaware of this at the time, I?m completely grateful for it now. I cannot get over this sound. A combination of The Flaming Lips? orchestrated oddness and Pixies? wild imagery, The Crimea provides the fun of pop songs without the saccharine sickness.

The first track on Lottery Winners on Acid, ?White Russian Galaxy,? rumbles with a deep tunnel of drums and guitar. Within 2 seconds, I?m hooked. The fullness of the bass and drums halt while Davey MacManus?s youthful vocals entwine themselves with the delicate plinkings of the piano and acoustic guitar. This trade-off occurs throughout the song creating an enormously exciting tension between the two.

In contrast, ?Opposite Ends,? the last of five songs on the EP, adheres to a more serious and depressing sound. MacManus manages to lightly sneer at the lyrics with a touch of vulnerability, a task that would seem more subtle had the rest of the single not been so lighthearted. Instead, The Crimea builds a suspicious intensity which exhibits their versatility as musicians.

The guitar work of Andrew Norton absolutely cannot be overlooked. He creates everything from a huge curtain of fuzz to fun little trills. On ?Bombay Sapphire Coma,? the definite highlight is the bubbly chorus of the guitar juxtaposed against the traditional go-ahead rock solo.

Still, the major props go to the lyrics. MacManus sings, ?Who knows what goes on in that pretty, little head?? I?m sure anyone who?s heard these songs wants to know, too. In the same song, he continues, ?You talk like a fish in nonsensical bubbles/ And blow the word ?bitch? through your smoke-ring.? A majority of the lyrical content seems to be separate fleeting images strung together with colorful instrumentation and choruses. I don?t even care that I can?t maintain a solid grasp on MacManus?s meaning; these are the crazy voices you *want* to hear in your head.

If I haven?t properly conveyed the delight I find in The Crimea, then the least I can do is leave you with these lyrics from ?Lottery Winners On Acid?; any person with a soul should find the joy in this:

If she get a black eye, I want a black eye,
if she get a splinter, I want a splinter too.
If she get arrested, I want arrested,
if she go tripping, I go falling over.

Review by Patty Liu for Rainydawg Radio.

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  1. Denyer says:

    "I don?t even care that I can?t maintain a solid grasp on MacManus?s meaning; these are the crazy voices you *want* to hear in your head."

    Hopefully there are plenty more people out there who appreciate the lost art of thinking about lyrics. =)

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