Crimea Singles Competition

In an attempt to attract even more Russians seeking online dating agencies to the site, I’ve started a new competition to win the Crimea’s current single back catalogue. Sadly it does not include the recent five track Lottery Winners On Acid EP, I don’t even have one in my own possesion yet, so I can hardly give any away. That said, the first prize does include the Lottery Winners On Acid single released in 2002 with cat no. SHB001CD, aswell as the White Russian Galaxy CD and 7″, cat’s DD2008CD and DD2008 respectively, and a copy of the Baby Boom single released 2003 by Boobytrap Records, cat no. BOOBREC006CD. Click More for the entry details.

Comp Ends November 20th !!

Up for grabs are three prizes, first being a collection of all The Crimea’s singles (seen left, excluding the new LWOA EP, I can’t get a copy myself yet, but it does include the LWOA single released in 2002), second is a copy of said single – Lottery Winners On Acid featuring the album/EP version of the song and two other single-only tracks, and third being a copy of The Fly magazine May 2003 issue, featuring a page on the band with cool little photos taken by them, and foreword by the then editor Owen Hopkin. Check out pics of the mag here, though the one being given away is not signed. Here’s the question:

Which US based record company have The Crimea recently signed a deal with?

‘Recently’ being May, and I’m not fussy so if they’re on a child-lable the name of the parent-lable will do. Here’s a clue (=’.'=). E-mail your answer to including your name, and also the prizes in order of which you’d most like to win (eg. “1: singles, 2: LWOA, 3: mag”). This is because 3 winners will be picked out a hat, with the 1st getting their first choice, 2nd getting their highest choice out of what’s left, 3rd getting whatever the other two didn’t want. This way you’re more likely to get something you want/don’t have.

Small print: The comp ends at midnight on Saturday 20th November 2004. Only one entry per person please, though feel free to email again to correct previous entries/prize choises. I’ll post to anywhere the Post Office will let me so you Americans aren’t left out, I’ll contact you when the comp ends for an address. All emails and personal info will be deleted once the comp’s over, you’re not gonna get added to any mailing lists or anything (use the form at the top of the page for that).

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