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Sent : 11 November 2004 01:16:15
Subject : They Dared To Rock – The Crimea’s American Tale (Part 1)

Hey y’all and Yee-Haw

We’re in Missississippi at the moment (check the spelling, teacher’s pet: M, I, double S, I, double S, I, double P, I.). It’s been a month since we’ve been depressed by grey skies, packed tube trains and a shocking fish supper from the chip shop on Royal College Street, NW1. A lot’s happened, so let’s go through it quickly:

Thin wallets, the ‘bar staff’ tour, goodbye deaf knob twiddler, equipment breakdown, bleeding noses in Niagara, hello deaf knob twiddler, taking NYC to the cleaners, pungent 25 cent booths, nerve-wracking radio sessions (find it at:, 1200 mile road trip, flight delays, microphones and wires, toothache, studio headaches, Oxford MS, love in the South, LOVIN’ the South. (There’ll be a full, un-edited, un-censored, warts-and-all version on-line soon).

We’re holed up and laying it down (that be studio speak, that be) in Mississippi now. We’re doing five tracks with Dennis Herring; Davey’s singing ‘Someone’s Crying Lord’ as we type. True to form, it’s a cheery little number about dying. True to form, it’s sounding pie-hot and will blow your frickin’ socks off. We’re also (re)doing Girl Just Died, Ching, Lottery Winners On Acid and Opposite Ends. They will also come with a government warning regarding un-expected (and forceful) hosiery removal.

So we’ve also had our cherry snatched in America. It was more of a mugging actually, but we digress. Basically, our first release – the ‘Lottery Winners On Acid EP’ – is out. Search it down in good record stores or download it here: ( The record is also getting a few spins on radio so, if you’re in the area or just fancy making a nuisance of yourself on e-mail, drop a line to these stations and ask them to play it again (Sam…or Dave, Julie, Tarquin… whatever the DJ’s name is). Here’s a few stations to get you started:

KCRW – Los Angeles, CA, KEXP – Seattle, WA, KNRK – Portland, OR, KFJC – San Francisco, KSCB – Santa Barbara, CA, KXRK – Salt Lake City, UT, KFSR, Fresno, CA, WSUM – Madison, WI, WMSE – Milwaukee, WI, WRFL – Lexington, KY, WFNX – Boston, MA, WAWL – Chattanooga, TN, WXDX – Pittsburgh, PA, KPNT- St. Louis, MO. KRTV – San Antonio, TX, WUSC – Columbia, SC & WRAS – Atlanta, GA

And that is as much rambling as we (or you, probably) can handle at the moment. Hope it’s been at least half-way entertaining. There’ll be another mail soon with ‘proper’ information like tour dates etc.

Remember folks, we’re redneck women, not high class broads.

Lots of Love,

The Crimea

We salute you: Gretchen Wilson, George Strait, Blake Shelton and Taco Bell.

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10 Responses to “Mailing List”

  1. Denyer says:

    > We’re also (re)doing Girl Just Died,


  2. Christopher says:

    hmmm i wonder why ;o)

  3. Denyer says:

    I love it as it is… far and away the best of the b-sides thus far IMNSHO. Better than TGU, which made the album.

    Talking of which, online stuff elsewhere is talking about the 2005 release as a second album. Is the plan to release a version of Tragedy Rocks in the US after this release, or is the plan for the EP + album to cover the material to-date?

  4. Christopher says:

    Where’s this "elsewhere" stuff then? As far as I know it’s just tragedy rocks getting a re-release for the US, obviously with a bit of re-recorded stuff/new songs if you believe everything you read. "Second album" blah blah when’s someone gonna mistake owen for a girl then? he should swap with the kid in the trachtenberg family slideshow players they’ll never tell the difference. Pray for a release of the album over here too, though no doubt stuff will be changing hands in every darkened back ally/pup music room in the country when they get back :o )

  5. Esmeralda says:

    YEAAAAAA! We also play The Crimea on It’s on heavy rotation! That’s DePaul University’s radio station btw. Can’t wait to see you guys in Chicago, Me and GANDY have to go Porn perusing hehe.

  6. Esmeralda says:

    It’s… Central time.. I believe we’re about 7 hours away… chicago is. not sure.

  7. Christopher says:

    elsewhere :o P as if.
    >> I believe we’re about 7 hours away..
    so around 7pm thursday evenings here :o )

  8. Christopher says:

    your show has the best name :o ) imma tune in sometime when i can figure out time zones n stuff :o P

  9. Denyer says:

    > Where’s this "elsewhere" stuff then?

    "exclusive preview of the breathtaking ‘Someone’s Crying’. Fresh out of the oven, it’s set to appear on their second album, due early next year."

    I’m guessing the US will be getting a re-jigged Tragedy Rocks to go with the LWOA EP, perhaps with some of the EP tracks replaced with others. (Not many people would buy an album if they already have five tracks of it on an EP…)

  10. Julz says:

    ha .. classic .. just missed ya in da south .. make sure to do boiled peanuts in the roadhouses …

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