I’ve finally got back from Coventry and got myself together.
All the photos from tuseday’s gig are up in the photos section. I’ve finished my review of the nights happenings and it’s up in the info/review section. The gigs have been updated, so far there’s 2 confirmed electric gigs. All I need to do now is think of a new name for the site.
One last thing, Owen really does read this site alot,… hi *nervous smile* :o S. If you get a check from me through the post, just kinda share it out with the band. I started a little business venture on behalf of your fans. There’s no frogs involved, but it still generates a bit of cash, and… well… I promised I’d send the money on to you.
:o ( when is Holly gonna come and make a new site so this one goes back to being underground, and I don’t have to explain stuff to the crox, and none of you have to read all this shit. I want Holly back :’(.

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